View Full Version : how do i get rid of channel settings and tab settings

08-07-2012, 05:17 PM
how do i get rid of channel settings and tab settings their in the middle of my screen and i cant get rid of them its hampering my gameplay, their is a x in the top right corner i prss it repeativly but nothing happens, please help me

Konstantin Fomenko
08-07-2012, 05:29 PM

This is a really rare bug and sorry to hear it effected you. Solution is simple though:

1) Navigate to the following folder: C:\Users\your windows username\AppData\Local\dof\
Keep in mind you might have to set "Show Hidden Files" On in the Tools - Folder Options (it`s at the top bar on any window explorer window)

2) Inside that \dof\ folder you`ll find a file called local_saved_data, delete that file, and problem will be fixed.

08-08-2012, 12:34 AM
While we're on that topic, I can't see wat anyone says in chat

Konstantin Fomenko
08-08-2012, 07:23 AM
Generation, try to do the same as above - I think it might help as well. Unless your problem is extremely low Windows resolution - and thus DoF`s resolution. You could try increasing your windows resolution so that Chat GUI is properly displayed.

08-08-2012, 05:44 PM
Hi guys I have a problem about my chat in the space where it says "chat" its to big and when im on a battle and I creat shortcuts with the Ctrl and a number key the "chat space" is over the shortcut nš1 and if i open the chat all of my shortcuts stays below the chat.
Is there a way to minimize the chat.

Konstantin Fomenko
08-08-2012, 09:40 PM
OmninmO, this only happens if your Window resolution is really small. You could try increasing your windows resolution in your control panel, and this should fix this issue in-game as well. Unfortunately it`s not possible to increase in-game resolution without adjusting windows resolution.

Brian Shingles
08-09-2012, 04:54 AM
Actually, Kon, that affects people on laptops too - I play on a laptop with max resolution of 1366x768 - although I usually just use the number keys to access the control groups (bottom row of icons), so it hasn't been a problem for me.

I've made a small change which will shrink the icons more if your screen height is less 800 and will lower the chat window slightly. This should make the icons more accessible and will go out with the next patch.

08-09-2012, 05:54 AM
I deleted the local file but its still the same. I haven't changed my resolution at all since its at the max of 1600 X 900

08-13-2012, 03:16 PM
thaks you guys for the answers and i play with a laptop with res. 1366x768