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07-24-2012, 07:12 PM
hi guys been playing on and off for some time now. got my fortress up and running with several armies and completed around 40 quests!

so far ive experienced next to no multi play aspects of my online kingdom!

here is my suggestion -

1. make individual server game worlds that have a maximum number of real players in the server! bring in a form of polotics and diplomacy where players can create alliances and also trade agreements!

2. make it so we can visit each others fortresses and trade and train directly with one another as well as have meetings!

3. have a local chat channel so that when we do meet in other peoples cities we can use the local chat for private communications to plot and scheme against other players!

4. make it possible to capture cities or upgrade war camps so they can be like mini towns as they are now is ok but its a bit restrictive.

5 my ideal number of players per server world would be 100 players. across all the races realms including the drwarf lands so might wanna bring dwarves out too. there is plenty fo room for this and maybe even have more players!

6. an idea ive been knocking around is the option to play the game as a mercenary commander picking up quests from the various npc citys! and also selling your soul to other players to lend your military support on their battle fields.

thats all for now.. only bugs ive found are peasants getting stuck but thenive never really had a keen eye for problems :P

Konstantin Fomenko
07-25-2012, 11:00 AM
Hey Wannos,

Good ideas! A bit like Stronghold Kingdoms in all regard though, and sorry to hear your DoF experience been singleplayer - during the last month we had a really small player population and that sucks as the entire PvP dynamics disappeared.

And I`ll be honest - at this point it`s very unlikely to see your suggestions make it in-game, although # 2 is planned and really to do on our end. You already "visit" player towns when you attack them - it`ll be similar scenario - but instead of attacking you walk around, heal, train, chat and trade:)