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07-03-2012, 09:32 AM
Hi guys n gals, firstly i've got to say my respect to reverie world studios for their amazing work with the game. I remember playing the beta and the ammount of bugs and issues it had weren't something that made people want the game on release. However, due to the nature of the developers and their interaction with the community they game got improved and fixed at a very fast rate.

When i first heard about DoF i had high expecations. Though for the most part i wasn't dissapointed there's a lot i would have loved to seen within the game. These being:

-Ability to see other players villages/towns on the world map - Though i understand the ammount of resrouces that it'd cost to put a feature like this into the game and the limitations along with it - this creates a bigger sense of "MMO" with the game.

-Trade routes - A persistant world is a busy world. Taking note from my first suggestions, the ability to see merchants and trade with people in distant lands and so forth would create a bigger sense of immersion within the game.

-Customiziable commanders/units - This will help create a sense if individulism within the game community - which isn't the largest atm but would grow with more marketting ofc - Only simple things such as tabards/cloacks/weapons/armour - Not fully customizable but to the length of changing the appearence even at a glance.

- Ability to place buildings where the player wants. though i like the LOTR:BFME -esque building of bases i do feel that players would enjoy it more if they could see their city in their own eyes and allow buildings/towers/walls etc to be placed where they like.

- Magic? - I've heard rumours of this feature. But no fantasy world is complete without magic in the battles. The ability to destroy large groups of units or even defensive structures with a whisper from a casting mage would make the battles come alive and remove the whole "A + click and hope you win" battles that i know lots of you do :)

- More towns - As the weeks go by and the loyal fanbase stick to it they will no doubt get bored of their town. Perhaps allow for expansion - either by creating a much larger city (Not town) or allowing the use to create new towns within the region on the world map. This could allow a bigger sense of MMO to, as kingdoms in a traditional sense have more than one town.

- Make the towns seem busy - This is a simple one i feel, but i think that stronghold had the right idea. The towns seemed to be alive with workers doing all sorts of different tasks and small quirky animations. I guess DoF has works and the army stationed within the town but it feels static to me.

Let me know your thoughts, i'd love some feedback on my ideas. Though i will probably post more if i get the chance and think of them.


Konstantin Fomenko
07-03-2012, 11:37 AM
Hey Syn - thanks for the kind words.

Everything you suggested is possible in theory - well - side from your first suggestion of displaying all the players on the game world. And I think with time many of your ideas will make it in-game - as it goes along the lines of things we`ve already planed.

With the trade-routes - we are considering this feature for both NPC towns and player alied towns - down the road. But only trade routes with NPC towns could show a moving caravan unit shown on the world map.

With building placement - we already have the Orc race able to build almost anywhere on the map, but we won`t be able to change this for Men and Elves at this point.

Magic...I can say this is the feature we all like to see in-game as soon as possible, but with our busy schedule polishing other game elements - my best hope is for August.

And as for making towns seem busy - I really like the idea, and it was suggested couple of time before! Since it`s really easy to integrate we might give it a try in one of the upcoming patches - however it`ll only feature random unselectable peasants/workers walking around the town without any fancy animations or purpose - sort of like it is when you visit NPC towns.

07-04-2012, 04:14 PM
I guess the hope of the first idea was a little ambitious in my honest opinion :) - However, good to see you've read my post and responded also - something often overlooked by games companies.

August would be sooner that i had thought for magic to be intergrated into the game, i'm quite anxious to see how this is implemented.

Well, i'm studying game design at university atm, and i've got many ideas for games that i always talk about to my friends so on, some are crazy and others just simple improvements that often get overlooked. Though not the greatest idea i think you've hit the nail on the head with the "random unselectable peasants/works" idea - nothing to crazy but just enough to give the impression of more going on.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply, keep up the good work..


07-08-2012, 12:50 AM
i'm still waiting on that pathfinding patch due months before.