View Full Version : various bugs some new some old.

06-01-2012, 02:19 AM
/Alright this report is still a work in progress as number 3 is something I intended to reproduce and examine given I did not think to take a screenshot when I experienced it the first time.\

1- is that while my other units do not seem to reset anymore, my hero will not only reset but de-level to level 15, this has happened twice at 22-23 or so. Not certain what causes this, it may be related to crashing.(this occured once pre and once post patch)

2- is that the new heroes, specifically the dragon slayer ( I think the high knight also) can reach 100% resist to slash/blunt/pierce, I can only assume this is not intended.

3- I am working on figuring the details, but I had been leveling my dragon slayer on the view mode battlemap against various green enemies. During this time the neutral orange forces walked by and died to the aoe melee attacks the dragon slayer uses. Something about this happening caused the neutral forces to attack the dragon slayer and subsequently I lost control of him, he became a neutral unit(his icon on the top left vanished and I could not control him) and began killing everything nearby. He did not die, but instead when I exited the battle map he did not come with me.(note, in southmont as humans)

In an attempt to reproduce 3 I bought a new one at a low level and he died instantly(4.8khp) upon causing aoe casualties to the neutral orange forces. The first one was level 9 or so, second could only be 2-3, I am leveling a third to see if I can record what happens; as this has piqued my curiosity. I am reluctant to attempt this with a dragon in aoe melee, but it may have the same effect if you do.

(reserved for updates!)(Update on 3, I was unable to produce the same results with a higher level 100/100/100 resist hero, I suspect the first one maybe have had over 100 slash resist simply because I had been jamming the button, in which case it may have exploded into a fury of pixel wrath and twilight zone. That being said I will leave 3 here for reference in case someone experiences something siimilar. That being said, it is done. ;o)

4- on a side note dragons in Sssilistra do not use fire(fly works), npc units do not apply attributes from levels and in general don't seem to use skills like potion or prayer.(fire arrows and oiled boulders work) Though I suspect this is common knowledge.

5- is another small oddity that I don't know how it originated, but somewhere as I did rebel quests it glitched and gave me two simultaneously, if I complete both I will get the quest dialogue lock bug. But so long as I only do one it doesn't seem to cause trouble. (pic included!)
Target rollingplains stronghold and southmont army are the culprits here, you can barely see both of the two yellow quest indicators in this picture. (was hard to position.) I consider this one a minor bug.(update in regards to 5, upon relogging I now have three quests; one for each human region.)

6- archers ability enfilade's description does not fully display, it can also be used on walls. (which I suspect is what its saying it cannot do)