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05-09-2012, 07:52 AM
Hey guys.

Was just wondering if anyone else has their fair share of problems with the PvP system.
Due to the lack of online Dawn Of Fantasy players i find it near impossible to find any other players for PvP matches, due to low user connectivity; ive never played PvP haha.

Just a suggestion to the designers etc... I was wondering if there was any new system you could develop in regards to easier access to PvP matches, maybe like many games you could include a server lobby or something, to select an oppenent easier, than you can accumulate your units to match the criteria for easier access. and overall access to city sieges. That way if the users want an instant PvP match they dont have to wait until someone comes along with a set Unit tally which may or may never happen, for me it has never.

If the lack of players and/or another access point to PvP doesnt appear i fear that the Online Kingdom will have no use and be wiped, and i believe the online component adds a lot more fun to the game; and hopefully for not much longer the internet will play a bigger role in the game other than just being a way to chat to people during my Solo endeavours.

That is just a problem ive been facing, also i've found on some terrains with the Dragon units.
Fireball attack lands in the air, lands at tail of dragon or completely unrelated areas within distance of dragon. just a simple bug im assure you know of.

Thanks for reading my thoughts :)


05-10-2012, 06:33 AM
How about a system that shows all armies at the map? This way we could make one in same strengh and pew pew pew :)

05-10-2012, 07:03 AM
Yeah, if more people play it will be a bit of a laggy system if 1000 people are displayed on a small map haha. thats what i said about some form of Lobby system.

05-10-2012, 12:30 PM
If armies would be displayed so say good-bye to our army strenght system and high levels could attack low levels (Im not saying that is a negative thing though). Or could be a system wich only shows armies and cities (maybe) with the same strenght as you... but then comes a problem when you have more than one army with a different strenght, so I guess its impossible to be implemented like this way.

About the lag, I think it depends on the game. Im not sure it will be laggy because if you set your settings low, and even if not, this game has some simple graphics, I mean there are other MMOs with higher quality graphics like AoC with a larger scale players playing together.

Im in favour of seeing others armies, so we can chase and make strategies to take them on their way etc, ask for reinforcements. But a quickier solution would be add a players online list wich shows all players that are online, their armies strenght and city too. That could be helpful.

BUT, there is a bigger problem here. The real problem is that you cant find a match because you cant find an opponent. Why you cant? Because ppl dont stay playing. And for solve this problem I think they should revamp PvE. Make PvE more interesting and harder, something that obliguate you to use tatics and strategies, make politics more critical to your realm, quests more interesting and more risky too, something like you could loose crowns for failling.

Right now you only have to click to attack - unless you are orc because orcs are very weak imo - and you hardly will loose one squad. Most MMORPGs have easy quests and mobs because the real challenge resides on dungeons bosses. We could also have dungeons and bosses, but even so this is a RTS and I expect to be challegened for each army I fight against, I expect to win using strategy and tatics, and avoid battles doing diplomacy. In summary: every fight must be hard to give us a challenge.

Im not saying that PvP shouldnt be the focus of the game, but if the game depends exclusively on pvp that thing happens: if ppl dont find an opponent they will quit, if they are not on the mood to do pvp or they dont like pvp they will quit also. After you build up your town you will soon get bored and quit. With a more risky PvE system the game would be more enjoyable when you just want to solo or coop play it or when you dont find a pvp opponent.

To improve pve, imo:
-increase mobs stats and make them spend their points when they level up (yeah, I see that they can level up but they dont spend any points)
-increase their smartness, making them flee when they see they are in desadvantage: flee to heal, flee to bring reinforcements or just flee to escape
-NPC cities patrols, NPC armies and bandits should be added to world map, roamming around. They should be able to engage you, though you shouldnt be able to see its army's strenght (maybe only how numerous is the army), so attack them would be always a risk to take.
-Add bosses and dungeons. Every NPC army should have a boss, like a commander with higher status and skills.
-Make NPC units use their habilities, like healing, squad formatins, potions etc.
-Maybe two quests modes: normal and epic. In epic units would be stronger and numerous.

That should fix population for a long term.

05-10-2012, 06:33 PM
I was really unlucky in choosing my words :)

Of course it could only be displayed via a lobby sytem, or some sort of ingame-list. There wouldnt be enough space at the world map to even show all towns... not to speak of the armies.