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04-28-2012, 12:23 AM
I am having issues with my city, I figured I'd just let a few days pass by and maybe a patch and see if its fixed, but they aren't. Ive posted in bug report, but was hoping I could get some things kicked into working before a patch god knows when how far out. So here it is.

1: Goblin huts don't always spawn goblins, 1 hut has spawned 1 unit since I started game about 4-5 days ago.

2: I built palisades, and then built the advanced walls. They won't finish, I had an option on my grand hut to continue wall work, but the option is grayed out, and I have plenty of resources. If I alt+tab the game, or go to world map the option to continue walls will disappear. Sometimes it comes back but is still grayed out.

3: The HP regen doesn't regen anywhere close to what it states.

4: My unit's keep losing their spent skill points, granted I get them back, but this is rather annoying.

5: My armory will not build catapults(possibly other units as well), I have it selected to, I have the research done, and it just sits there.

6: My resource gathering says I gain X amount per minute, well I counted how much I gain per minute and it is WAYYYYYYY off, maybe 50% of what it states.

7: When my Marauders are hunting my wargs for food, it's constantly telling my units are under attack and freaks me out. Change this please.

8: When having multiple units selected and 2 or more are glowing to show they leveled up, if I click one and upgrade him it upgrades all of them with what you select. EXTREMELY ANNOYING as I know have a guy with +16/sec regen which doesnt even work right, its more like 1 per 5 seconds.