View Full Version : More old bogs still existing

04-27-2012, 12:30 AM
After having reported the old bug with hero loosing levels I noticed several other old bugs during last two days.

No. 1: Logging into my hometown is not successful on first try. This happend in the past but improved a lot when comming back into the game approx. 2 weeks ago. Now it is back to the old situation where it takes several tries to log in.

No 2: Loading screens in general. same situation as under No.1. After inprovement it is again back to long time loading screens. When switching back from quest to worldmap or from regional map view to worldmap loading screen is indefinite. Result is that I cannot gain wealth and most of the time my armies loose even the experience gained. No progress in game possible anymore!

No. 3: Hero did not get any "repair" from support. Instead I continued with my level 15 hero and gained levels. After achiving level 23 hero last again levels. He is back to level 15.

No 4: After logging in today I realised that one of my royal dragons is missing. This dragon already reached level 28 (had reached level 29 once but see No. 2). Please bring back my dragon.
At the time being I have 4 Dragons (Royal level 56 and level 16, ice level 14 and green level 12) in my hometown. I dont want to loose them as well because of bugs!

At the time being I am very frustrated. Please help me!

for Information:
Ingame name wasserali
Hometown Hightower, slot 3
Human town in Southmont

I attached the3 latest log files for follow up.

Thank you for any help you can provide.