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04-24-2012, 11:15 AM
I started to play the game a few days ago after having paused for long time due to performance reasons (loading screens took 10 min and more). Game played decent, no major bugs found until right now. I levelled my hero from level 15 to level 40. After having a bug with Sir Lentoth (or whatever the funny knight in the camp is named) after receiving reward for questing my heroes level fell back to level 15. This is a bug I reported in the past. Once my heroes level fell back from level 46 or 47 to 15 and othertime from level 38 or 39 to level 15. Result is all the same! My hero cannot keep his levels.
I attach my log1.txt file and hope I can get support from you. At least I hope the bug will be fixed.

More info:
Ingame name is wasserali
Town name is Hightower, 3rd slot
Human town in Southmont

Found also a log1.txt(1) in the directory which is also dated 24.04.2012. Could not attach this file, therefore, only log1.txt is attached.


Konstantin Fomenko
04-24-2012, 02:46 PM
You should try again today - loading times should be much, much better now.

And thanks for you depot!!! we are aware of this bug - and it`s rather rare, but now with your help we finally have a proper log of this happening. Thanks.