View Full Version : Quest Giver Animation Loop

04-22-2012, 10:56 PM
About 5 times today when doing a quest turn in, it has put me into a loop of the animation hero and quest giver, no text, continue or anything. I have tried escape and everything else i can think of but end result requires me to close dof via task manager then do the long wait of file verification to get back in. This is the first day this has happened to me.

Edit: Paid a little more attention to specifics, get quest from Sir Lentoth, go do quest, come back turn in, get gold reward. Sir Lentoth has ! above his head, normally indicating a new quest to pick up, click on him again get the gold reward sound again (pretty sure getting duplicated payment of gold) and it goes into the hero/lentoth animation and nothing else until restarting game, let it stay there for over 10 minutes this time to see if anything else happened. End up with chat onscreen, and the graphic animation and nothing else.