View Full Version : Dwarves and bugs

04-22-2012, 02:03 PM
1 Dwarven battlers are too high for a dwarves (they are too tall , i mean). So, plz, change models of this squads.
2 When I return to my estate, Dwarven cannon do not move from spawn position. I mean, all squads are moving closer to walls of my keep, except this cannon (yes, I can move it by left click, but it doesn't move automatically as all other squads). Even it's not painted in to my colors. It looks gray, instead of blue, like all my squads.
3 I can't upgrade my dwarven riflemen in a city .
4 Dwarven riflemen are attached to archers (if you are a knight) . I think it's wrong , cuz they are similar to xbowmen , so they should be attached to them.
5 I've killed 3 enemy squads with my 2 dwarven riflemen. But exp is not growing. It shows 1 kill for each of 2 squads.
6 Dragon have non aggressive stance by default. So, plz, make his stance aggressive like all others.
7 When I've entered activation code for dragon and dwarves, but I could see them only in a bank of 1 my city . Does it works to all my cities , or should I activate this code in every city I've made ?