View Full Version : Few Questions about Leveling Troops

04-18-2012, 07:49 PM
I got a few Questions about how the leveling troop system works

What is the highest level your hero can be?
What is the highest level your Dragons can be?
Can Dwarv Rifleman level up? because i cant level them at training grounds nor do they level up at pve?
Do the other troops (the once you can also level up to level 5 at training grounds) level up higher than level 5? if so what is there highest level?

What is considerd a good pvp level ranking? 500 or 700? or higher?

anything you might want to add fell free to do so

thanks in advance

P.S.: umm yea i meant Few not View lol sorry cant edit it anymore

Brian Shingles
04-19-2012, 03:34 AM
Changed the heading for you.

The highest level that Heroes and Dragons can achieve is 60.

Other units can go to level 20 (that should include the Dwarven Rifleman, but there might be a bug, so we'll look into that). The level 5 cap for training in towns is just so that you can only get the highest level units through playing the game rather than just spending resources.

For PvP, players are matched on army strength so instead of maxing out all my armies, I'd have a mix of strengths to increase my chances of finding a battle. I've had more battles with 200-400 strength armies than I have with 500+ ones.