View Full Version : upkeep and siege units built on site

02-25-2012, 10:15 AM
make it so military units require upkeep, 1 or 2 gold a minute maybe less or w/e to keep em going

if you don't have enough, you lose experience points on em? or maybe you lose the unit?

the deal is, atm strategy's come down to bringing the most military units to the battle as possible (even if the matchmaking system makes matches that are even, since walls give massive defensive value the attacker will always try to come with a 60/60 army)
although i do agree it should be possible to bring a 60 unit army, i dont feel it has to be a 60 unit army 90% of the time

since units are 1 purchase keep forever (unless death, but then again having more makes death less likely) people spam em for sieges

highly leveled up units could make sieges more tactical, a newbie defending against a highly trained but smaller invading force could make an interesting battle (the newbie might start spamming expendable units and beat the highly trained guys due to volume, or the highly trained guys could outwit the enemy due to sheer shock and awe effect of putting so many "strength" on a small region of walls (since for example, large groups of meelee units cant put so much "surgical" pressure on 1 spot since they cant all attack 1 area at once


also the possibility to MAKE every siege unit on site would be awesome, since A: i don't really think they actually brought siege equipment with them those days, they built em on site (hence they are made of wood, animal hides etc etc)

and B: you could make siege units as you require them, making ladders for example because you see it would be strategically advantageous in this certain situation... making the battles a bit different each time in stead of bringing a "jack of all trades" army to a siege so you can always break the defense, but also always use the same strategies and thus the game might get boring faster

sure, you should be able to bring them along aswell, but making them on site would be awesome (since they dont level up anyway, this makes this even more awesome)

it would also give something to do for villagers when you are sieging, gathering some resources to build some ladders or w/e and you dont have to bring all the stone you can gather it from the enemy's mines