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02-22-2012, 11:38 AM
I am not in the game currently, but was hoping you can sway me and answer a few questions about it before i purchase a copy:

Heroes: Is there a leveling hero or captain that will help boost army/building stats etc?

Conquest: i did read a bit on the inability as of yet to takeover another players castle. Will DoF eventually add that element? if not what are the pros and cons of not adding it?

Alliances: this is what appeals to me the most.
What is the structure for alliances/guilds in this game?
Is there any alliance bonuses?
If me and 3-4 other alliance or non alliance members wanted to lay siege on another players castle will we be able to do that at the same time and vice versa...can i have my fellow alliance or non alliance members reinforce me against incoming attacks?
Can an alliance have different races in it...mixed alliance???? if not, are you considering universal alliances to help promote all races? I've seen games that races die to due popularity.
Any planned future events rewarding alliances with the most kills or whatever???

Cheating:: has there been any reports of glitching or any other type of cheating?
What measures does DoF take to ensure the integrity remains intact and not compromised by those that cheat?

Thank you for your time. Hopefully me and my band of players will join you all soon.