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02-15-2012, 06:37 AM
My first issue is the repeatable series for:target Erthee L'Bala Army (its a quest to kill an elve army in Bolfores'l. I can travel to it and complete it fine...but it spawns on the world map in the Wold on the human side of the world map. Not game breaking but annoying as its a long travel for a repeat quest. Re-logging does not re-spawn it. Completing the quest and getting a new one does not fix it either and just spawns in the Wold again. You can log onto my account:
KingGongora and take a peek at it if you like!

My second Quest problem is a little more serious another repeat series: Victory cut target 3 in the orc area: Brakental.

This mission is not completable at all, and I swept the entire map 5 times in a row and I ended having to click world map as it would not give me victory or end.
Another note on this map it has about 3-4 orges on field that are invisiable and can not be seen by the player. They do show up on the mini map and when you send your units to the rough area its in you can hear the orge bonk the troops with his club, your troops do attack back and kill the orge but still can not be seen.

Hope it helps...let me know if you need any log files!

Brian Shingles
02-15-2012, 08:41 AM
Thanks for the report Gongora

I've changed the location for the "Target Erthee L'Bala..." quests so they should be in Erthee L'Bala :p The change should go out with the next patch.

I'll look into Victory's Cut issue soon.

I'm guessing the Ogres are hidden underground since that map is based on one of the old homelands and I recall a problem on them because one of the other devs had hidden Ogres underground for some strange reason.