View Full Version : PvP Bug, no resources / wealth after victory

02-12-2012, 03:41 AM
After the patch came out yesterday i have come across the following bugs,

1) Quite a bit of the time i would get connection timed out while searching for a pvp 1 v 1 game

2) more annoyingly i had an army of about 600 + with at least 6 units of lvl 5 / 6 knights =, 6 lvl 9 crossbow men, 1 lvl 5 archers, some mounted knights.

The game started and lasted quite a while i lost all my knights but just about won, after clicking return to world map the loading screen came on and nothing happened though i could hear the fight still going on behind the screen. i waited a few minutes and still nothing so i had to close down the game. I received no resources or wealth bonus after loosing about 300 army strength.

Can i please have my 6 units of level 5 knights back.

P.S my name in game is Longshanks

Many thanks