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02-06-2012, 10:15 AM
If anyone remembers how the game was back in the beta, te AI used to attack your hometowns on a reasonably regular basic, where you would have to defend yourself against mass armies of ORCs or Elfs if you were human, ect.. they would come with some awesome singeing units, with tons of units to take down your main stronghold when you finally progressed through the game. This was mainly just a test back then to see how sieging would work ect.. as there was no pvp that i remember in the beta's, but i think this would be a way to bring that stuff back, you see back in the beta's your hometowns were about half the size as they are currently in the game now, so these could be more like a Fort or something so their not like having a 2nd hometown, but more like a small fortification that can get sieges by AI orcs, or however you want, your a KING!! right? why not act like it and have multiple castles? :D it just gives us players something more to work towards. Heres a screenshot i took so you all that dont know how it was, can see just how small our hometowns were back then :

http://s11.postimage.org/4ezl3gcgf/Screenshot24.jpg (http://postimage.org/image/4ezl3gcgf/)

It would work along side a similar game mechanic as to how we have our camps mechanic, except instead of you choosing on which scale camp you want, you could add an additional option in there, for a Fort, or a stronghold, which gives you just the main storage building like when you first start the game, and you have to build it up like you would for your hometown so its not just select fort and its isntantly built, building the walls up ect.. I think this would add a lot to the PvE aspect of the game or even the PvP as well.

02-06-2012, 11:30 AM
Would think a map for this would be ideal,so everyones all in same area with these "forts"

Would open up huge pvp options,little travel time,plus having the npc's attack as well.

When the ranking systems in place,could have a "king of hill" type area,person who attacks/defends most would be "king" over that map

Would be a general free for all type setting,and would add alot to allaince stuff as well,as an allaince goal would be to take over parts of that map,if not control entire thing.

I keep thinking,something like "shattered galaxy" faction map,but on a larger scale.


constant war,as new races are added,new factions could be made,increaseing the map size and the ammount of territories

A map like this would allow for alot of pvp,and concentrate the "hardcore" pvpers working on that map with their allainces,or as free-lancers,and allow for the "social" players to be concentrated on main game map.

If you where to add "uprisings" from npc's and hordes of wolf packs,roaming ogres from bal ratha,goblins from dwarfen marches,and dwarfes from dun ergnst,dragons from whatever that names supposed to say,would be tons of fun

Konstantin Fomenko
02-06-2012, 02:12 PM
I like the idea - unfortunately the amount of work to bring back AI attacks on player towns is not worth the workload at this point (however might make it in-game later on), since new strongholds all require new individual AI attack routes. Right now it all just comes down to increasing the player population to make PvP attacks on your town more common - and we are working on this - by middle of March player population should be 10X higher at least.

And about additional camp options - yes this is planned as well, but down the road - as we are concentrating on new pathfinding, tutorials and 6 player PvP first.

02-06-2012, 04:56 PM
yep understood about all what you guys are upto right now, i was just throwing a few ideas around that i had earlier and this was one of them, one thing though, would you really need to add a whole bunch of new AI individual attack routes? even tho they were in the beta just as more of a test, shouldn't those old rules still be in the game somewhere? as im not really talking about having a bunch of entirely new structures, just what we've already had before.