View Full Version : Several Bugs I Have Experienced

01-26-2012, 09:45 PM
Disappearing Knights:
While I was beseiging the Elf capital city as their reserve forces came in I got the same message from the begining of the seige about where I would like to make my camp. I tried to exit out of it but it would not let me. So I selected the one I had selected in the first place thinking "oh well this might not harm it" and after that all 20 or so of my lvl 5 knights disappeared and another hero spawned.

Resources Missing:
Everytime I log on I have WAY less resources than when I logged off. Everytime I log on I have the same amount of resources 1300 food, 1300 wood, 230 stone. And depending on the amount of gold I had when I logged (lets say 7000) I would come back to around 1000. Anything below.....7000 I believe is not effected. And this only happens in my city. Not in my camps. I've lost atleast 20,000 gold to this bug.

I hope this helps.


Also if at all possible could I get my 20 lvl 5 Knights back? If not that is fine.