View Full Version : Spike traps

01-07-2012, 08:36 PM
Tried to set these guys on fire,hit them with trebs/catapolts,they take no dmg,either in ground or out.

But,they should :> Would think fire and crushing would be good,fire cuz their wood,cruishing because their spring loaded,"breaking" the springs somehow

Since in most instances their one shot deals only,dont think it would affect a huge ammount,unless someone wanted to mount a proper,longer timed sort of seige,be nice to be able to get rid of these little buggers.

Also fire carts oil,if you place enough of it ontop of them,will set them off,killing the poor cart.And starting a fire,which is sort of cool,if you can make a combo of oil slicks and spike traps.

Also fire carts rock,would love to see a pooling effect,or lines instead of puddles so they conenct better.Couldnt get the retreive oil to work though.