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01-07-2012, 03:01 PM
Currently the attack damage is a set number,increased by set numbers,or so it appears.

Example is of a hero,has 50 slashing,50 crushing,increase by 10 each per skill point put into attack.

Was thinking,why not use a percentage based system instead,hero's animations show a slash,sheild bash,and a sword peirceing.

Using a percenatge based,would make adding new dmagae types much easier,and balanceing much easier as well.

So hero does a base of 100 dmg,could split into 40 slashing,30 crush,30 peirce.Each point in attack would add 20% dmg increase,makeing new value per point go up by 8-6-6 each.

If you where to add say,a flaming sword,instead of adding a set number for its dmage,would add a percentage based off of hero's current dmg.Say 10%.So if i had put 5 skill points into attack,my base dmg would be 200,so my fire sword dmg would be 220,200 for base,20 points for fire dmg.If i has 6 points into attack,base attack would be 220(88-66-66) fire dmg would be 22.for total of 242 dmg.

10% may be low,or high,but the idea works,could easily change the percentage up or down for balancing issues,as well making it easier to have archers that do slight slashing dmg,and higher peircing dmg,crossbows that have a little crush thrown in(crossbows make me think antiknight,knights heavy armour,impact would crush)

While set numbers are nice,I think they may be limiting the various dmg types by being so set.Even if you where to use set base dmg types like they have now,but use a percentage for the skill points invested,would make a world of change in whats possible.

Now the dmg reductions,same concept,but would need to break the types down into sets for melee units,slash/peirce/crush and fire/ice/?? and magic/???/??? just because mellee units dont have anything like range or fletching.Then again,you could implement attack speeds,weapon effects(increased fire dmg type stuff) and use the dmg reduction in one complete set.

I think this would make units scale rather nicely per invested skill point,and add possibility of finer tuning for dmg types/reductions.

Joseph Visscher
01-09-2012, 07:30 PM
that 10 damage is split evenly between different damage types that you currently have, for example if you have 60 slashing and 40 crushing it will add 6 to slashing and 4 to crushing.
We are keeping static values not percentage because it is easier to balance down the road. When we had percentage values we had unit's level effecting balance way to much.
You will see static value increases(not including required xp for leveling up.) in almost all rpgs, name a rpg game that has skills increase in percentage rather than set amount for each skill. :p I'd love to see one.