View Full Version : In-Game Bug report

01-03-2012, 12:08 PM
Simple idea,but has some issues.

Button ingame,that uploads,say a screenshot,log file,and a breif description of a bug to a server,where devs could just go through and check it out,deleteing non-issues or collecting information of others,and being able to respond for more info when they need to.

May generate more bug reports,and gather much more information on them than current postings.

Would work really well with the known bugs idea :>

If you have ever played Shattered Galaxy or Star trek online,they have simlar idea's

Shattered uses an in-game forum type,players and devs can post,but it is highly monitored for content,also has ingame forum type for the factions,so you can sort of talk smack to em,or leave messages for freinds/allies even if their not online,but is public,so everyone can read,fun concept.I really miss the old Shattered galaxy :< was hugely fun game.

STO uses a searchable bug report ingame,so someone expereinceing an issue can type in key words,find the topic,add info or check for workarounds,if no topic they can start one,again closely monitored for content.