View Full Version : King of the hill

12-28-2011, 09:28 PM
My accounts down,so am really bored.

But had the thought,King of the hill would/could be fun.

Maybe a small one walled castle,either directly in center of a map,or bunched up in a corner.

Start out with a single wave of enemy units,when killed double the next wave.Keeps doing that until your overwhelmed,or surrender.

even a 1-2-3-4-and so on,just each wave increases in intensity.Every few waves survived gains extra influence,could make it a contest see who can last the longest.

Would even like a no castle idea,just survive as many waves as you can,possible add some down time between waves,add a method of building defences inbetween waves.Simple stuff like wooden towers/walls.

Would also think adding different teirs would be cool,lower the army str more influence you could gain for the waves,higher army str lower the influence,till you make it past a certain number of waves.

Also think those waves should be zombies.Little goblin zombies,doing cartwheels.Or handstand/backflips like the enchanters do.