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12-28-2011, 09:37 AM
Ok from what i gather,game is free to play for all real purposes.Yeah got to purchase the game one time,but could play forever after that without spending a dime,and i love that idea.

And later on,will have dlc's that are purchaseable,also great idea,nothing wrong there.

I believe every decent game should make money,and should have options for the players on how they want to spend their money on stuff.If you read my bank suggestion,and my graveyard suggestion,I am not against this game making money,far as I am concerned the more money you make,the more effort you'll put into it to keep it kicking ass,which means the longer i'll enjoy playing it.

So heres the general idea:

1.Remove the pay for the game.Your real money is gonna come from dlc's and the purchase of influence anyways.

2.Make influence harder to get in game,but not impossible,currently theres no real need to buy influence,long as you have the time to seige an npc.Every quest gives it,once your cities built,there no longer a need for it.(which is where the bank and graveyard ideas come into play)If you want proof I'll make a new city and within the week have full dwarfen/dragon army.

3.This ones pretty important,keep the current races "free" This will get your base players in and trying the game.Add some limitation for the graveyard and bank idea,you want people to play and not feel like their at a disadvantage for not spending money,and have a chance to purchase all the fancies by just normal play,just dont want it to easy.

4.Offer a "vip" subscription plan,10 bucks a month,free access to account wide bank,auto insurance/graveyard for blah blah percent.Perhaps increased influence or unit expereince gained,and access to new content.So say you make a race that uses say,golem type units,which would be awsome,think mini-treants made of stone/wood/food/gold,if you pay this monthly whatever,you can play them.Would love an all food golem,would really mess with orcs lmao.

5.Now this goes with 4,say you want to play these shuffling mounds of rotting flesh food golems,but dont want to pay for the subscription,which would happen for sure.Thats where you sell the individual race for influence.So if a free player wants to play these awsome beings of unicorn meat,all they would have to do is one,either buy influence,or two gain enough influence through normal play to purchase.

I played d&d online for a long time,loved having the option of paying per month,which wasnt expensive,and had alot of perks like these,or simply buying the content i wanted.And if I was strapped one month,could just play the game free with the content i purchased.

The hardest part of this sort of thing is to make sure the benifits of subscriptions and gaining of influence through normal play are balanced.Paying money to become a god-like being ruins the fun,spending a few bucks a month for some nice perks,I can live with that.Whatever my credit card can do,I should be able to gain through ingame methods,even if it takes some work.

Now if done right,this would create multiple streams of income for the developers,while at same time increaseing the player base,which opens more income naturally.Some people would choose to just make their lifes simple and pay such and such a month,others would just buy what they wanted,those that dont spend any cash would just play the game to get those same perks.

As long as people who play are still on eqaul ground,and the credit card doesnt insta-win in pvp,and payers vs dlc buyers vs free players can all interact in pvp,and have a chance,i think this model would kick ass for everyone.

I also realize alot of people will be against this,but from what I have seen,games live and die based on how much the consumer will spend and still feel like their not being screwed.For those who bought the game already,such as myself,would suggest either influence to buy said perks/dlc stuff,hell perhaps a discounted subscription,something to say,hey thanx m8.

Cant stress enough,perks,perks perks,not insta-win based on how much money you have.

And i totaly expect to be flamed for this,so to quote a super hero:


12-28-2011, 10:51 AM
Hmmm, in my view, what you say is okay, but not for this game, except making wealth being harder to acquire.
For sure I love the one time payment method and strongly against monthly fees in any way, but when SMS payment will be implemented, I will at least try to spend, let's say 5 bucks monthly just to know the devs will have some support to polish the game for me, you and all the gamers ...

12-28-2011, 11:26 AM
that might only work when the amount of players will grow .Right now the amount of players in game is too tiny to even think about subs. I know lotro did it and other games,but not sure if DOF is in the state to think about that. Although it's a good idea for the future

12-28-2011, 11:43 AM
Alright, you have some good ideas; but I don't agree with all of them.

Why should influence be harder to get? The whole idea is that it's a reward for completing quests and fighting in pvp. Paying for influence is a way for people who don't play as much to get walls and techs and such (and eventually, DLCs).

Personally, I'd like DOF to pretty much stay the way it is. It's similar to, say, Guild Wars: where you only pay for the game and for expansions (and every once and while, special stuff).

Of course, over the years it could change. But it's not time yet.

Konstantin Fomenko
12-28-2011, 12:56 PM
Thanks for the feedback - and you are right on about most of the points. In the future - perhaps in a year+ DoF most likely will become a free to play game with majority of what you pointed out being true.
This business model will make sense down the road as the grow our player population - but at the same time the game world will need to be expanded, new features e.t.c added - and meanwhile a one-time payment works out best for us.

And once again - I got to say we really appreciate your support guys!

12-28-2011, 02:29 PM
didnt actually expect people to post so fast,and i agree currently this would be terrible idea,was thinking more of a down the road type thing,should ahve said that lol