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12-28-2011, 08:55 AM
Think you should be able to "insure" your units with influence.Say you have a dwarfen army,and go up against a bugged dragon that just destroys everything.You just lost a crapton of influence worth of units,meaning you prolly wont buy new ones,waste of money right?

But what if you could "revive" those fallen shorties,for a small influence cost? Not such a huge blow anymore.I would go with a 1/3 of units influence cost for this,so as not to be throw away armies,and reset revived ones back to lvl 1(or 1/2 their level was when killed,or insured)Something fair but still worth spending the influence on.

I would suggest something similar to the bank for this,but per slot only,your elite or any insured units when killed would be put into this graveyard,and stay there,until you paid to get them out.

For dwarven riflemen right now,i think many people would easy pay 2-3 influence to get them back,specially if they retained some of their expereince.

I dont think they should come back as what lvl they where when they where killed,at most,1/2 of that lvl,but even if they retained no expereince,I think people would be alright paying 3 influence to get their cannon back rather than just not buying a new cannon.

There are two semi-separate ideas here,the graveyard and the "insurance" part.If you are able to insure a unit will retain a certain percentage of their expereince if killed off,you wouldnt be so scared to send your maxed units out against anyone.Specially your higher lvled elite units.

Could have a few teirs of insurance,one influence point,unit retains 15% expereince value,2 could be 30% and 3 45%.Wouldnt really want to see anything more than 60%,units death should cause some trauma.Doing this would make leveling that set of archer to 20 and then losing them in pvp not seem so bad,if you insured them,they'll be there in the graveyard doing whatever it is ghosts do,and when you pay to get them out,they would be lvl 12(under a 60% insure) which wouldnt be quite so bad.

Now elite units should be auto graveyard,even if not insured.Would rather pay 2 influence points to get my dwarfen riflemen back from the dead than 8 to buy a new set.Possibly even add an auto set insurance plan for elites,like a base of 30%,with option to purchase higher.

This would ad a sense of loss when using elite units/dragons but at same time,not make is so people refuse to purchase them or use them in pvp.Would also make leveling normal units up then pvping and loseing not quite as harsh.

Konstantin Fomenko
12-28-2011, 01:00 PM
I like the idea - but would take too much work and some new GUI elements to implement. It`ll be easier for us to fix the bugged units:) And besides in these situations players can just pay out during the battle. Always good to have some gold in the army - to always be able to pay out if things start to go badly.

12-28-2011, 02:30 PM
true but i am all about the no retreat no surrender,after all this is sparta right?