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12-28-2011, 08:30 AM
Was thinking the bank should be account wide,not limited to each slot.Influence limited to the slot though.

This way if buy influence but redeem on wrong slot,i can at least transfer elite units to the correct slot.

Would say,adding elite units to the bank from your town,to transfer to anouther slot would be nice as well,have them all reset to 1 when put into the bank,maybe charge an influence fee to do the actual transfer.Like 10% of the units influence value,so for a royal would be 12 points,for a dwarfen rifle guy would be 1,round up to nearest type thing.

I do feel its important they reset to lvl 1 though,would hate for someone to make a new city and transfer a crap ton of max-ed or near maxed units to it.

I would think,any purchaseable elite unit should be transferable this way,dwarfs,royals greens reds,but ones like ice dragons would not be transferable.Or make it so you can put the special ones like the ice into the bank,but each slot can only have one of the special types per slot,so we dont end up with someone with a defence force of 9 ice dragons in their city.Would love to be able to remake my cities and not lose the ice dragon because of it,or a dwarfen army in the process.And a small reasonable influence fee would be acceptable.

I do believe if this was inacted,would save some issues with deleteing/redeeming codes only to find you dont like,or want to start a new city.I know this because all those dwarfen guys I got the codes for when i purchased,plus a royal and a green I bought influence for,all gone because of deleteing.If I could have transfered them,or held them in an account wide bank,I would have.

I feel this is better than say,influence being account wide,or the current redeem code for just that one slot,and people i do think would pay an influence fee per unit to transfer or hold units in a bank account,so they can remake a city they just dont like much.

i delete cities alot myself,killing time,trying out new things,test crap for my rambling bug reports lol,ect ect,but come january first,dont think i'll be doing that anymore,cuz i would lose my ice dragons,and beefcakes must live on :>

Btw I wanna name my hero and dragons,possibly any lvl ?? unit as well.But hero and dragons,o yeah.