View Full Version : New PVP finding

12-27-2011, 09:25 PM
Think it may be easier to instead of auto-search for pvp,to instead have a list of how big and where,can then create an army for that city/army move to correct area,and have at it.Maybe add showing if pvp protection is on/off.

general idea,is when you click pvp button,you choose army or city to attack,game then sends you a list of chosen targets,separated by Strength,possible location,but not to much info,just enough to say "this is who i am looking for" when you have agreed attacks.

This way,one could find pvp based on whose online right then,without guessing at the str needed for such.Would eliminate the no suitable targets all toghether,unless everyone online at the time had pvp protection.

Be nicer i think,could open the menu,say ok theres a 500 army,make an army near/around whatever,and have at it,instead of hopeing someone with current str was on and running around.

I think if done this way,could also add a "be brave" type thing for defending your city as well,could have a toggle to basically say,hey come to my city and have at it,dont care if your 1500 and i am 1000

The location is sort of iffy though,current system is sort of random,and i like that,could see a group of orcs running around going after elfs,but currently be hard to seperate what they actually attack.

Could could do away with location,but sort by race,or location and race for army v army.

I think in general this would make pvp much simpler to find for everyone.

With all that said,other option is to fix current method,which when it works is nice,but still taking shots in the dark on other peoples current arjmy/city str.So without basically saying hey here i come how much should i bring,and other guy saying how much he has,its like throwing darts blind folded.

To make current system more accurate,would change the database being used(assuming its a database) for available pvp targets to update more frequently,or upon certain actions.Log on/off,maybe every time you click world map,a timer,and possibly moving on world map as well,basically redundant as possible.May not solve the shot in the dark,but would prolly solve the no suitable targets found when you just talked to someone and know what str and where you need to be.

Would also point out,army locations dont seem to be updated correctly,I went from sillatra to erthee l'bala,went into region view,fought me some dragons,had swamp in bal ratha instead of desert ogres as well.Which would cause alot of the suitable targets if game thinks your not where you think you are.