View Full Version : Lot of bugs!

12-22-2011, 08:33 AM
I'm not sure whether these are new or old bugs but they sure are annoying.

Elven army once disappeared and never appeared again. I was transferring my units back to village. Even hero disappeared but it came back once I logged out and then log in.

My resources are disappearing too fast and I can't build towers (I have already researched all engineering technology). Even palisade won't disappear when I build my stonewalls and one stonegate disappeared when I tried upgrade it to Archway (or whatever it was). Now that gate is palisade gate -.-

I have problems with garviolas too. They always disappear once I log out and then log in.

With orcs I have problem too. My labourers stop working when I log in and I have to give them something to do again.

There is also sometimes yellow light what fills whole map (own village) but it disappear when I exit game and start again.

I almost forget that I can't find any PvP players. I get message that can't connect to servers.
I can't play Kingdom Wars either. When I click ''Kingdom Wars'' my game shut down.