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12-21-2011, 03:19 AM
I've only been playing a few days and so far the game has been ok. However, now that I have built up my town I now find myself doing nothing but trying to build my army and level them up by grinding. Doing this results into me gaining a lot of gold. Now I find it tedious to constantly try and spend that gold as soon as possible just because of the gold cap storage in my hometown and armies. Now I understand that out in the field gold can get lost, but in your hometown this shouldn't be the case. If you have to have a cap for gold at least raise the cap a lil bit higher so stocking and spending gold wouldn't be so much as a chore.

On the side note, I have played games like Evony before and I think that incorporating some of that game's aspect to this one will greatly improve the game and make it more fun. Things like being able to siege a town or city and have them pay tribute or the sort and building more than one town. It would also be great to be able to build up your town as big as the main city in the future btw, cause after two upgrades, my town just feels lacking and dull. Make it harder, longer and cost more to build buildings, and have per-requisites for building them, and per-requisites for upgrading them and techs for buildings and units. just my thoughts.

Oh and lastly, since there is resource mining and food farming in this game, make it so that there is another reason to farm, mine and stockpile resources and gold other than to build improvements, buy units or sell them off. To make it more challenging and fun at the same time, put unit upkeep costs on the units like food and gold so that way players would be encouraged to think about the economical side of the game too. I mean you have a trait for farming and mining anyway so put a little more emphasis on their value and importance. This would surely add a level of challenge and fun for the game. Something to work for. If you run out of food units start dying and run out of gold units start leaving ;)

12-21-2011, 04:10 AM
you can siege other towns or pay tribute and my town is alot bigger than the main elven cities and as for the rest if this does make it into the game you can store resources in camps as they have more room if you put carts , treants for example temporarily until something along these lines are in the game

12-21-2011, 05:02 AM
He's not looking for solutions. He is looking for feedback.

Anyway..i agree with the unit upkeep and such--and food to feed soldiers, such and such.

Adds an entire new layer of "hardcore" to the game. However, I'm not sure if all the players are ready for that yet as some( a few people I've encountered ) human players will beg you to not destroy their army in pvp....