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Griegor Mcvennor
12-16-2011, 08:38 AM
Are you lost? Confused? Can't figure out the game or just want to talk to somone? Check out the unofficial Dawn of Fantasy GSC Voice/Text chat client. Connect with fellow players or occasionally chat with the developers of your favorite game. This is also a good place to get advice reporting bugs for the game. Come on in and chat with your fellow fans.

Voice chat is optional, text fully supported!

Voice Chat Service - GSC Game Client

1. Download game client and install

2. Create an account

3. Validate Account

Connect to Dawn of Fantasy Server
Server Information
port: 8538

1. Login to GSC game Client

2. Click on voice Servers

3. Click add and type in the IP address and Port

4. Connect

How do I use this things?
GSC Client is a free game chat server sort of like a combination between the old ICQ and Ventrillo. On entering the voice chat room, you can text chat, private chat, enter a voice room and talk with a microphone. You can maintain a friends list and a clans list among a host of other features.

Why did I pick it?
It's free and can handle up to 200 users at once on a voice server.

I'm having voice problems
I can't help you. Contact GSC support or check the forums. It's a free service so everyone can see who is playing dawn of fantasy and chat with them until the in game chat is improved. Use it or don't use it, but it will probably make your game experience more pleasent.

1. This server is not owned or operated nor is it officially monitored by Reverie Worlds, any of it's employees, or any subsidiaries own therin.

2. Any issues, opinions, statements, political or otherwise do not reflect the values or opinions of reverie world studios or any of it's employees.

3. Any employees of Reverie World's who choose to use said service do so of their own free will and do not implicitly support the GSC Dawn of Fantasy server through their presence.

4. Impersonation of any Reverie World employee will not be tolerated and will result in immediate IP ban.

5. I, Reverie Worlds, It's employees, or it's affiliates, will not be held responsible for the conduct of individuals on this server. It's a free server available to all Dawn of Fantasy Fans.

1. Keep foul language to a minimum

2. No impersonating any Reverie Employees or another player

3. No transmitting any account details of yourself or any other player through voice or text.

4. No transmitting personal details of any player connecting to the server.

5. Keep it family friends, racial statements, harassment, lewd comments, or anything that would not be apropriate on Reverie forums will not be tolerated here.