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12-10-2011, 09:09 AM
Upon returning to DOF from wiping and restoring my computer...

I log back into DOF to find my homeland fell apart...really really bad =(

First of all Sir Lenoth's camp was deleted now he and a few men just stand there.
Second I lost a few round towers and the trebutchets and my archers were up in the air...
I had many other round towers too but they were blank with the trebutchets that were on them now on the ground and even if i destroy and re-build them they still build on the ground -.-.

I lost a massive amount of archers I had that used to be on the walls, I had all towers built with all trebutchets on them and all walls covered in archers for the city vs army update ready for action....now im crippled royally.

I tried re-building 2 round towers aswell and that made things worse...

So I am going to leave that alone, a player suggested reporting here with my city info so a QA or Dev can take a look at it as its totally un-playable.

my account is: KingGongora
Town name is: Rocheste
Slot #2
Race: Human

Careful I have a elve homeland named Rocheste on the 1st slot..

Thanks for any help!

Joseph Visscher
12-10-2011, 11:09 AM
was it a long time, about 2 weeks since you logged on there? We had a bad map corruption and that is the map fixing itself the best it can so your stronghold does not become endlessly corrupted; damage can not be reversed, only thing to do is to go to your townhall and click on the repair all walls button to rebuild all missing walls, towers will have to be rebuilt.

I will take a look at ur city though make sure this is it.