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12-08-2011, 08:50 PM
• Army name reset
Every time i create an army, i may name it as i want.
But each time i relog - the army's name is reset to ARMY 1 (Which is not realy a problem, but
i'm having like 3 armies called all ARMY 1...)

•City names
I don't see the first letter of most of the city names.

Seems these bugs are known (spoke with other players online about), i've tryed to search topics with, but didn't find out.

• On an unknown period of the year/day ingame, i have green, green glitching textures
(maybe shadows?) in my town.
I'll add a screen shot when i see this again. It seems to be specific to a period (dawn?).
//nvidia 540M, 4Gb ddr3, Win 7 HomePrem , core i7-2630QM, drivers + Dx up to date.

Not realy bugs but things i think you should be aware of will follow:

• "AFK units" Some of my units are often idle(not ranged ones) while enemies are nearby
even if i never use stand ground stance. It seems to be random...
They just stand and look to an enemies' archer pack after they've killed one.

• The "attack move" seems to be not working/bad working?
I've tryed to activate it by different ways and with different units and
it seems to work only with *some ranged*. (With archers yes, dwarven gunners no...)

• Unit interraction problems:
Enemy units running in front of my hero
My hero makes strange moves (Tryes to attack?)
Hero rarely has time to hit them/Hits realy slow when this running by units attack him.

• Mob controlled fortresses' are realy weak Vs pull
Ie: I make my hero run in the enemy forces (they're realy slow, so rarely hit the hero hard)
I pull my hero back, taking some of the enemies with him
They are killed by ranged units (even few squads)
Then i repeat this till there is 0 pullable enemies left. If some still stand i move the ranged forces closer.
= 0 Losses = high unit level easy = low challange

Over all the game works pretty good. 0 crashes or severe bugs.

12-09-2011, 08:12 PM
Oh, just managed that i've managed to post in the wrong thread :confused: ... Sorry about that

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