View Full Version : Possible Critical Bug with Garrison

12-06-2011, 06:19 AM
First I want to appologize that the city where this happened to me was deleted, because out of frustration I wanted to restart the city instead of wait for a response.

But almost 2 hours after I created my first orc city in Brakenthal, I decide to bring my army into my city, but instead of trading the units I decide to simply Garrison it, thinking it would put my units into my city without disbanding my army.

However my city did not have any of my units.

So then I decide to trade the units from the army into the city, still no units physically in my city, however on the world map the units were showing inside of the city. (not even my her)

Now here I make a critical mistake, I decide to restart the game while my units are still physically missing. After I restart, the units are still missing, but now the world map also has them missing. Basically I just lost every unit that I had recieved within the first early quests of being orc. (however my hero did reappear)

However since I also lost all my dwarven invasion dwarves as a result of this, I simply decided to restart the orc city since I was only a short duration into developing it.

I wanted to mention it though, because it's scary that all these units could just vanish like this. I think that if I had decided to restart the game, while my ARMY was still existing on the world map, I could have potentially prevented my units from vanishing.

Considering that people could lose some very valuable units, (think Royal Dragons) this is a rather big issue. And I appologize that I deleted that city before reporting, I was a little frustrated and wanted to remake the city before going to sleep. But hopefully the bug can be recreated somehow for investigation.

Konstantin Fomenko
12-06-2011, 11:17 AM
Thanks for the report, this is fixed in today`s patch, great catch and perfect instructions to reproduce - thanks!