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11-28-2011, 04:43 PM
I think it might be nice to use wealth points to purchase titles, which in turn unlock things within the game.

I.E: Human starts off as a Minor Lord, in order to have X more buildings and upgrade his keep he must become a Baron by having 15 wealth points. Perhaps even allow an individual player to become the King's Steward, a position elected by the in-game player base, that can levy certain rules to benefit the kingdom.

The online kingdom doesn't make me feel as if I'm apart of a persistent online kingdom rather than a individual playing in a static online world, perhaps if territories would "shade" the color based on what race is winning more PVP Battles , there would be a resource and/or other bonus associated with controlling certain territories (i.e controlling plains decreases horse cost, increase farm output) this might make me feel as if I belong to a bigger overall picture. The major castles could only be attacked with a certain % of the territory considered in "control" (could be something like 50%) with the largest castle only siegable at 75%. If an enemy faction is able to do this, it shuts down trade with that sieged city for a full 24 hours.

Hotspots in territories could flare up as crossed swords, allowing a certain number of people to participate at those locations to move a slider towards victory/defeat in that location. (I.E: A a crossed-sword pops up indicating significant PVP going on in an area, multiple battles could be waged at that location for a period of 24 real game hours...whatever faction comes out with the "51%" gains a significant victory bonus towards that territory).

This also allows for the developers to become creative with their other already implemented tools. Players could form defensive locations by forming enough camps that enemy players must defeat in order to prevent movement, and supply loss through enemy faction territory.

I feel like that might pull me more into feeling I'm actually apart of an online world where my Armies make a difference.

11-29-2011, 10:22 AM
Just a little suggestion,

Why when I move troop on the world map, why they dont eat nothing, should be great if army concume some food and gold, cause you have to pay your troop and feed them?? no!? ;)

11-29-2011, 03:03 PM
well the current map isn't going to be dynamic so unless a new area is made i doubt MOST of these beside titles will pass and titles sounds like it'll go great with alliances

11-29-2011, 05:01 PM
and titles sounds like it'll go great with alliances

lol I just said that on another thread :D .

I like the titles and the crossed-swords hotspots thing, but as for territory, that might get tough to put in. Still, good ideas.

11-29-2011, 08:03 PM
Just a little suggestion,

Why when I move troop on the world map, why they dont eat nothing, should be great if army concume some food and gold, cause you have to pay your troop and feed them?? no!? ;)

Not to detract from my original topic (But I'm allowed to, right? Its my post :cool: ) but I would certainly give a thumbs up to Army supply attrition rate. Armies SHOULD move with food at the very least. Wouldn't hurt to have an overall hit to gold rate based on wages for soldiers either at your home city.

And fog of war would be nice. I don't like that I can easily see my enemy on the PVP map, sort of detracts from a major element of surprise. I like having quick reaction units in reserve and to feign my enemy into thinking I've committed my forces to specific areas.

11-29-2011, 09:00 PM
a fog of war would definitively increase the realism of the game since you shouldn't just have god given ability to see the entire map with all resources and troops given unless a spy unit or some other unit of intelligence has been planted behind enemy lines giving line of site on enemy troops

11-29-2011, 11:23 PM
you mean something like stronghold 2 using honor to unlock better units and buildings

11-29-2011, 11:50 PM
you mean something like stronghold 2 using honor to unlock better units and buildings

I guess that might be similar. Might I instead make this recommendation:

Current System:
-Increase your build space by buying your plots. ( I think first one is 900 gold and 9 wealth? As a reference).
-Spending individually earned wealth on upgrades (Resources + A variable amount of wealth).
-No Tax on Gold, or attrition of any resources other than buying upgrades, units, or buildings.
-Only Limit on units or research is your ability to acquire resources.

Suggested System:
- Keep build space expansion but instead of buying a plot, "Petition the King for Greater Noble Title" and increase the wealth/resource or other arbitrary requirements (built a wooden wall?) investment required to do this (This has the added benefit of slowing town growth, which I believe saw was a bit inflated at this time). For argument sake, lets make this first investment 25 wealth, 2,000 gold, a housing population of 25 and at least 5 military units.

-No wealth spent on upgrades, they are unlocked for research upon gaining greater Title. But will require a greater resource investment as well as time (1 hour, 2 hours?). (I.E: A Baron cannot hire mounted knights, but a Duke can invest in the research to do so).

-King charges a tax on all of his vassals, which starts out very low at the earliest parts of the game but increases with growing nobility as well as a salary for your military (Decreased if Garrison?) In addition, greater populations should effect the deterioration of your food supplies - which would cause greater consideration on choosing whether or not to kill your cows, raise pigs or find other ways to ride out the winter. As it is now I have a stable supply of cows/goats and can pretty much turn a blind eye to those resources, I thinks this offers strategic management. Stone/Wood should have small attrition (maintenance)rates based on building types.

-Therefore research, unit max and unit types would be limited on non-wealth based resources (Since greater wealth investments would be required to advance in Nobility) , and your actual noble title.

What I feel this addresses overall , especially what I see as a new player, is the very rapid acquisition of resources and the inability I am having in getting rid of those resources (Especially when I built a market in my city, its just too easy swapping out all that gold that I get from selling from the overwhelming amount of food I have or questing) for something I find useful. I have also gone from a 1 hut town to almost a fully walled up castle in a matter of 2 days, this could be slower as well.

Well these are just my 3 cents, feel free to take them for what they are worth

11-30-2011, 04:59 AM
well i have a similar vision of game
here my ideas:

1- world map is totally useless as it is now, we need a dinamic map where i can see my enemies and other issue that dont let me feel alone; as all player noticed, this is a stand alone game with a random pvpv match generator, omg kill me pls
2- random pvp match are totally wrong, i MUST decide who i wanna attack, which castle and which enemy, or at last i have to have possibility to choose my target, or if i wont choose, random in a possible choice.
3- at moment is useless have great army, because if u havent a enemy strong like you to kill, u have to reduce army to find enemy, so game is static and dont allow player increase more their strenght, mediocracy rule here atm.
4- we need something to encourage ppl create great castle and army, so a sort of ladder would be appreciated, for single player and alliance players, to comapre greater race and alliance , and allow ppl decide to fight for supremacy
5- new skill system is good, but pls remove mercenaries of other races, i cant really see orc army with human and elves inside, this ruin totally gameplay imho.
6- i think its unacceptable that castles cannot be built as player decide, orc apart its all static, castles will be all same, so siege strategy really wasted, because we can see always same walls, same towers, same all, we need free choice of where build and what, give us possibility to be free to build as i want.
7- it would be nice if player cannot research all, meaning that a research tree would be interesting if some research exclude others, for example if i decide focus on berserk, i cannto research slayer until last lvl, but just something; to be short, give ppl a unit specialization to allow different army in battlefield, and not only a berserk spam or ogre spam, just to give some difference from ppl attitude.

03-19-2013, 07:36 PM
Posted here almost 2 years ago, and want to come take a look now that you're making a return to Steam. I'll check out the game again and see if I have any more suggestions to make :).

04-02-2013, 04:34 AM
I like the idea of titles, perhaps there could be some title based just on your victories, that way you could earn the basics from quest battles and to really show off your status you would have to work hard and really engage in some PvP.

04-07-2013, 03:13 PM
Thats a nice suggestion, and now to add a little bit more give the player the abillity to establish villages if he has reached a certain title, those would produce ressources that would be delivered to the players homeland. to make those petty thiefs and other scoundrel useful they could try to ambush the convoy.

Or villages could dirctly ask you for protection in return for ressources - there are already some in every region - you would'nt have to build em that way.