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Meh 4 evar
11-28-2011, 01:54 PM
This idea is most likely not something that can be added in the near future, though I think its implementation would be very interesting nonetheless.
If any of you know the MMO EVE Online, you probably have an idea of where I am going with this suggestion, or at least you will very soon.
Add a new region, it doesn’t have to be fancy looking, but it has to be large. Let this region be accessible through ships. Let this region be dynamic, let the players be in complete control of territory and the economy (except for imported goods via ships from the “normal” region). To take control of territory from an enemy you siege and defeat their towns, taking them for yourself. Let me give an example to better demonstrate the idea:
You and some of your buddies decide you want to move out and claim some lands you can actually call your own (other than a town invisible to other players). You head out there and together you find a remote location, unclaimed by other players, and set up a town. Your scouts have found another town nearby, one with a significantly smaller military force. You and your buddies quickly decide that this town should either cease existing or become part of your kingdom. You now stand with three choices:
1. Take the town for yourself, making you able to develop it like any other town you own.
2. Take the town and destroy it, ridding it from the map and making other players incapable of taking an already semi-developed town.
3. Use your awesome speech skillz and convince the owner to join your kingdom, perhaps demanding a tribute for your “protection”.
Now as that problem has been dealt with you continue expanding and have a rather peaceful existence. There doesn’t go a long time, however, before you encounter a kingdom roughly the same size as yours. A few days of communication with their leaders quickly reveals that they are not striving for peace. Both alliances/kingdoms assemble their armies and get ready for war. You know there is no way in between, either you lose everything you have fought so hard to gain, or you manage to conquer your enemy, doubling your kingdoms size.
Tactical campaigns that can last months, lands up for taking, power to be had; these things I consider great additions to any strategic online MMO game.
Of course there are some things to direct ones attention to with such a feature, here is a list of pros and cons I can think of off the top of my head:
-Loads of player interaction. Any MMO game should strive for this IMO.
-Meaningful battles. Instead of a grind for the progress bar, battles would have a more direct influence, seeming much less like a repeated task, and more like an exciting challenge.
-Being able to lose things. I consider things a much larger achievement if I have fought not to lose them.

- Players being offline (how dare they!). Taking a city from a player incapable of responding is annoying, especially for the offline player. This is a very hard problem to solve.
- Splitting your playerbase. If doing this, you’ve set up a line between the people there and the people playing in the vanilla region.
- New players could have a tough time even existing there. Big brother, an alliance controlling vast portions of the region, blows all newcomers to bits before they can set up anything and become a challenge. This can be solved by making larger alliances somehow reliant on smaller alliances or towns to provide troops and resources. Perhaps having them as lords of different regions, much like nobility in medieval ages.

The largest problem would probably be the possible development time needed to add such a massive feature. Well, one can hope it will be added at some point in the distant future.

Finally let me say sorry if such a thing has already been proposed, in my various searches I have been unable to find anything like this.

TL;DR: PvP region separated from the normal lands where players are controlling stuff.

11-28-2011, 02:11 PM
Hmm, this sounds pretty cool; but there would be serious issues with new players getting ganged up on and the whole thing with offline players.

If there was a way to solve these problems, I'd say that this would work. :)

11-28-2011, 05:57 PM
I disagree. that's amazing in theory,but in practice it's hard to apply. Also players like me with very limited time during some periods would get destroyed easily because we can't log in to defend. So nope, I'm against that unless there is another server for it

Meh 4 evar
11-29-2011, 05:23 AM
I disagree. that's amazing in theory,but in practice it's hard to apply. Also players like me with very limited time during some periods would get destroyed easily because we can't log in to defend. So nope, I'm against that unless there is another server for it

Add a new region Let this region be accessible through ships.
I might not have been clear enough. Reverie already stated they would not make the current map dynamic. I am suggesting a new region accessible through ships where such content as I was proposing found place. Completely optional.

11-29-2011, 06:50 AM
I'd prefer if this kind of control worked for guilds instead though. The guilds battle for the control of something that brings them great rewards.

Konstantin Fomenko
11-29-2011, 08:57 AM
Well - lets be honest - this would make a great Expansion pack, and could work both for high level players and guilds. Idea is great - and this would be something like European colonization of America - with various factions fighting each other. You can also sort of look at this as Age of Empires III, with your homecity supplying some goods and you putting local resources to use as well.

However - I don`t see us having the time and resources to work on this until the future. Workload is not that big but to do this right it`ll take some time.