View Full Version : Totaly F___ed up town

11-27-2011, 05:06 PM

Started playing about 1.5 months ago and quit after a massive problem with my town arose, I want to get back into this but the problem was not fixed in the last couple patches.

My units clone themselves, I had 2 knights now I have something like 8. There is no room in my town for my massive army that I didn't build,earn or even want.

Researces do not seem to produce properly.
resorces also do not produce while i'm offline(not sure if they are supposed to anyways).
My hero was only level 3 before, Now he's 15 and has 90 or so talent points. After starting a mission his skills reset each time but he keeps His Level.
The hero can not speak to quest givers either.:mad:

I need help with this or I swear to god I will use my massive army to pillage and burn other players castles until the bitter log out.;)

Town name:Availa
Slot: 1 or top


Konstantin Fomenko
11-28-2011, 02:31 PM
The problems with cloning effect old towns that were started shortly after the game was released. But we are hoping to fix the last of these cloning issues in the near future. Thanks for posting details about your town, we`ll take a look. We are hoping to have another cloning patch with-in a week.