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11-26-2011, 04:48 AM
Having played now several hours with my 3rd hometown without major crashdown or bug makes me very pleased. Thank you!

Minor bugs I encountered:

Buying new units in neighbouring town and leveling them up with training does not provide any leveling points to the units. They are now level 5 units with level 1 stats and no points to spend for improvement. This also applied sometimes to units gaining experience in battle. some of them got points to spend for inprovement while others didnt. I have to add that I did not level up all troops immediately when thei gained a level. I leveled up close to the end of battle.

In addition I observed that the knights produced in the hometown loose the health boost they got from the stable's improvement. this also applies to the crossbow men and the archery building and most probably to the swordsmen and the barracks (I did not buy the improvement for veterans, so I am not sure about this). But.... during battle the units show the health boost (crossbow men level 1 show 247 instead of 225).

Another bug is about the royal dragon I have in my army No. 1. Leveling of the dragon is fine so far with regard to experience to gain for the next level. The bug for dragons requiring extraordinary experience for the next level did not show up so far. However, having leveled up my royal dragon to level 4 did not improve his health statistics (ok, sometimes it says 14100 health but in battle it is 14000 still). He also gained no points for improvement, but maybe this feature has not been implemented to the game yet.

My log1.txt is attached

Ingame name: wasserali
Town name: Hightower, slot 3
Human town in Southmont

I hope I didnt forget important information to be provided for a proper bug report.


11-26-2011, 07:11 AM
I yust experienced the clone bug. Ont of nothing my questing army1 was teleported to my hometown, hometown opened automaticly and the no of peasants, livestock has doubled. I had no military units in hometown (since I dismissed last time all units which might have been affected by cloning) so this time its only peasants, livestock I will dismiss.

Clone bug is still alive!

Ingame name: wasserali
town name: Hightower, slot 3
Southmont human town
tried to upload Log1.txt several times. Upload failed!


No. of peasants and livestock back to normal by no reason! I did nothing but problem resolved itself.


Konstantin Fomenko
11-26-2011, 11:14 AM
No. of peasants and livestock back to normal by no reason! I did nothing but problem resolved itself.

This a fail-safe we included, on reloading of the homeland or game restart problem now almost always corrects itself.

And thanks for very detailed but repot - this will definitely help us get rid of any sort of cloning for good.