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11-24-2011, 06:16 PM
i lost my haunter dragon and i cant seem to get it back
:( :( :( :(

Griegor Mcvennor
11-24-2011, 06:37 PM
What bunny means is that he fought me in a siege and his dragon died. He can not find any way to resurrect the haunter dragon. It's not in his town or item bank.

Bunny, please post your log.txt file.

11-24-2011, 06:38 PM
how do i do that?

11-24-2011, 06:42 PM
it just vanished

Griegor Mcvennor
11-24-2011, 06:50 PM
Bunny, when you are making a post, scroll down and click manage attachments. Click browse and look in your Reverie and Dawn of Fantasy folder for a filed called log1.txt . Upload the file and then click close window, then finish your post.

Konstantin Fomenko
11-25-2011, 01:28 PM

I`ve verified game log and confirmed Dragon loss in PvP lol. I`ve sent you a private message with details on getting a new Dragon.