View Full Version : My bug list- mainly about army control, worker control, crashing bugs,and a quest bug

11-22-2011, 12:31 PM
Some bugs/problems I'm goin to go into have probably already been touched on, but here goes:

1) Worker/marauder control. It's virtually non-existent. If there were just some way to easily be shown which workers/marauders are not currently tasked, there wouldn't be a problem. Also, when your camp manager says "Your workers are doing nothing," an "X" is shown on the map, however, this is not effective especially in large crowds. If there were just a function such as pressing the Space Bar when you hear this command it could simply highlight for you which worker unit is not tasked.

2) The game does not remember your CTRL-1,CTRL-2, etc etc army groupings between log-ons! This is a pretty big issue I find, because again if your city, or your encampment is really crowded and busy, you have to somewhere (every single log-on) manually re-group everyone!

3) There simply needs to be a way to kill/erase units. This is important because maybe your city has spawned too many wargs/goblins and not enough Marauders and now you're at pop cap, and no way to get rid of the undesirable units other than making yet another goblin army, which leads to #4...

4) There seems to be a game crashing bug concerning number of Armies. Once I have 3 or more armies, the game crashes almost every time I attempt to transfer units to/from an Army/my city. Game just crashes, and my city is not at pop cap at the time of transfer.

5) Quest game crash. I am on orc quest named "Royal Hunt". This is where you take the Prince guy (his name is Khan or something like that) so you create an army with him in it, move the army to the quest site, and kill what's there.

Okay so the quest was too hard for me initially. I logged out and tried the quest again the next day, but every time I try to re-enter the quest site, game crashes. I realized that the Prince guy is no longer in my army- he's chillin back in my city at his hut. So I take my hero back to my city and try to talk to the Prince, but he's got no Question Mark on him anymore and wont follow me, and he is not selectable to transfer into my army, or anything.

So either this quest needs to be fail-able, or abandon-able, or reset-able. And this is a pretty big deal b/c without being able to get more quests, the only way to get more Crowns is PvP.

Oh there was one more thing- The UI. It's way too crowded, especially for people with smaller monitors. I got a 19" viewable area monitor and basically if I have an Army with more than 10 units, I can't see about 3 or those units. This is critical in many situations. I find that if at least the Market and Forums buttons were removed from the screen this would help tremendously.