View Full Version : Two problems crowns & Npcs

11-10-2011, 10:27 AM
I have two problems at the moment.. My first being I only started playing this a few days ago. I'd gotten two codes with my game one that gave me a dragon the other that gave me 120 crowns.

I spent some on some dwarven troops and had a good few left over (iirc) but didn't get on with the cities I'd made, foolishly deleting them thinking that the bank was pooled, this cost me crowns and troops that I would otherwise of not put down there, nor willingly deleted :/

So my first issue is, are there any ways I can get them back or the points refunded for my unknowingly deleting them if so it would be much appreciated.

My second is more of a game side technical fault. When my game crashes after I receive a mission which provides me with units, I lose those units entirely when I relog the game.

At the moment im at a point where I'm having to fight ogres and lots of orcs and am currently left with just my starting units making it virtually impossible at the moment to progress (while being happy with my current settlement and realising to me the value of those lost dwarves and dragon)

I was wondering again if there's anything that can be done about this as I'm happy where I am in the game now and really do not want to have to restart just because my npc provided units are gone along with my dragon and dwarves.

Edit: My account name is Sasa0mg