View Full Version : Screenshot Design Competition!

Alex Walz
11-09-2011, 04:27 PM
<img style="padding-right:3px;" align="left" src="http://www.dawnoffantasy.com/icons/photoicon.png" />Want to show off your design skills? Looking to build that citadel of your dreams? This is your opportunity! Reverie World is now hosting its first Screenshot Design Competition, and wants to see your creativity with the DOF Editor! In this friendly contest, everyone is invited to set up an epic screenshot of anything they want. As this is a design competition, it is highly recommended that screenshots be designed in the DOF Editor; however, designers can set up scenes in one of the game modes as well - such as an epic battle scene that you really want to share with your fellow players or a screenshot of your adventures in the dragon realm as the sun sets and the dragons wake. This is our first round, so we just want to see what all of you think this contest means and what you want to present. So the main thing is just to have fun and to kick off the design community!

Check the <a href="http://www.reverieworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4890">contest thread</a> for guidelines, tips, and prizes!