View Full Version : Is it real?

11-07-2011, 02:27 AM
i fought a battle really impossible imho

i had about 5,6 berserk lvl 5 , mounted slayer about 6,7 and 3,4 goblin archer, and hero

enemy had about 6,7 slayer and 3,4 enchanter (i think its this the correct traduction, in my screen they are named incantatori), so a hybrid army

i just laugh because my army seems really stronger, berserk alone should farm them
but wow they killed all my tropps and i kille pratically noone, how is possible?
yes i used all strategy and my army was all about lvl 5, but how can berserk die so easily against slayer?
i used potion and rage too, but i noticed potion havent healed troops? bug?

meantime i stay base avoiding other lame players, and pls staff stop this **** of hybrid army, orcs cant fight with human, its illogical
its useless create race if i can use human troops or elven

Konstantin Fomenko
11-07-2011, 08:46 AM
While it`s possible to make Hybrid armies - keep in mind - all the mercenary troops players buy for Hybrid army cost on average 300% more gold per unit. With the same money that player spent on his hybrid army you could train 3 all Orcs armies of equal strength.

And we have seen some complaints about seemingly same strength armies run over other player armies - it seems the reason are higher level (9-10) of enemy troops, as well as possibility that other player has ALL researched technologies. For example - there are 8 technologies that effects Slayers - if the player have researches all of them - yes they will be able to kill Berserkers. Also the use of formations and special abilities for the Orcs is REALLY important.

But I do have to admit - balancing still needs lots of work, and we are slowly getting it better and better with every patch.

11-07-2011, 09:58 AM
but it was too unreal

that kind of rape is possible only if he was lvl 10/15
that enchanter did pratically nothing, but slayer raped me same
if im an orc i play combo with berserk and enchanter, not slayer
a player that invest so many resources to buy enchanter and then use medium unit to combo, it feel like a bug abuse or somewhat, or some strategy really studied based on unbalanced stats

anyway i have no problem, because i quitted game and at my relogin i havent lost troops and enemy havent got points

so easy avoid catasthropic battle lol