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11-04-2011, 08:14 PM
I seen this game a while ago in trailers and it looks very interesting. But i'm a bit concerned with the booster packs. How does this game keeps the balance? I mean you can buy influence points so that would give people who buy those a advantage over those who don't buy them. Wouldn't this trow off all the balance in fights and such where boosterpack buyers have better units or more units perhaps?

And my other question is if people can just attack your city any time or is there a certain lvl you need to have before your city can be attacked?

11-04-2011, 08:28 PM
Good questions. 1st booster packs are just a way to get a lot of crowns at once (you also get them for pvp/questings/sieging NPC towns). It's just a quicker way to go but doesn't imbalance stuff because armies have a max amount of units in them and stronger units take up more room then weaker units so orcs will almost always outnumber other race armies. They're just weaker so you need more but the limit is 60 units per army.
2nd, You can only be attacked by armies that are at your strength level (so you won't face massive armies as a new player).After a fight there's at least 30 minute safety timer that runs. You can also pay off attackers or be paid off (my favorite) to avoid combat. I suppose you could be attacked as a brand new player but it would basically be a hero v hero fight (they'd be the same levels) and you could build your own units and your opponent couldn't= your win :)

Joseph Visscher
11-04-2011, 08:52 PM
In addition to GPS's response, when army vs town feature is enabled and bug free, new towns can not be attacked until the town passes a army strength and or completes the early quests (you get a bunch of in homeland early quests as you build up your town for the first 1-2 hours.)

There are balancing issues but they seem to be not nearly as important as other RTS games because of the way players get matched. still though if you have a army of 60 strong peasant battalions, don't expect proper balance to save you.

Also make sure your pc is well beyond recommended specs, if your anyware near minimum specs i would suggest waiting a month or more before buying as we improve performance.