View Full Version : Put all troops at once

10-24-2011, 06:15 PM

I just came back from a quest. I started to transfer troops to my town and when in my army was not much more left, someone attacked it!

Since he had something over 500 in strenght and I just had something about 70 left I had to pay him off.

I could imagine that this is some kind of "farming methode" and canīt say that I find this good!

There should be a button to put all ressources and troops to a city at once to prevent players from "waiting" until your army is almost empty and kill the rest or farm ressources.

I had too much in the city so I could not put any more to it, so it was not soooo hard to loose them but I think this was very unsportly and should be prevented.

And the window of the battle should be improved and there should be more time to react. I just looked (and was a bit paniced ;)) and then the payoff was already done. Could not even take a closer look at anything.