View Full Version : Is anyone else crashing to desktop on Orcs, even after v1.09 patch?

10-23-2011, 11:21 PM

I've been crashing to desktop on the same Orc quest since release, on 2 computers that are almost identicle except for video cards.

Specs are in my dxdiag. Is anyone else crashing to desktop with the error messages in my screenshots, specifically on orcs, or is this issue isolated to me? If it is, anyone have any ideas to fix the problem?


EDIT: Mak Massa: Kings Orc Target 4 crashes 100% of the time.

10-23-2011, 11:53 PM
Ok so I figured out exactly how to re-create this problem. I diagnosed even further since I'm really, really sick of not being able to progress on orc. I was able to enter battle with just my hero. I was also able to enter battle with my hero + 11 Marauders. I was always trying to enter with My Hero, 11 Marauders, annnnnddddd (here it comes) 8 Ogres.

I was able to enter several times with just the hero and with Marauders, but if I add even 1 Ogre (even just my Hero and an Ogre) the game crashes to desktop!!

It has something to do with ogres, maybe their spawn points on the map, maybe the unit size, I have no idea, but there you go, that should be enough dead on info to re-create and fix this little glitch that's been driving me crazy since release.

Here's to patch v1.10 and a possible orc quest fix!!

EDIT: I also had several other crashes in the past with previous orc quests, thru patches and updates I was able to hit or miss do those quests. Since my army pretty much didn't change much, and I've always used Ogres, there's a good chance previous quests, and upcoming quests, which I probably listed in the link I have in this post above, have issues with Ogres spawning on the maps!!

10-24-2011, 08:01 AM
EDIT: Correction, there were 2 Prowlers in the first group and 17 Marauders. Maybe Prowlers cause issues too, that might be where the "other type of crash" is coming from. This would also explain why my crashes might have been intermittent, it might have just mattered which part of the army it processed first u[on entering and/or how I did my setup.. I'll test further.

So upon testing on my other computers I loaded a bunch of Marauders into my main army, and attacked with 19 of them + my hero. It lagged several times while hovering over the map, and then finally crashed with the mithril.dll. It makes it further without Ogres in the party still, but there's still another problem, above and beyond Ogres.

EDIT: I was able to enter the quest instance with 14 Marauders + my hero and defeat it, so we'll see what happens on the upcoming quests.

So far we know Ogres will crash it 100% of the time, and somewhere between 15 - 20 units will also crash it differently, possibly a cpu problem due to the lag during the map loading.

EDIT: New Update: 3 Prowlers 1 Hero 11 Marauders worked fine loading the other quest map, so again that leads me to beleive the issue is somewhere between 15 - 20 units. I'll load further quests with progressively bigger armies past 15, and see if I can re-create any issues. See if you guys and work anything out from the information I've provided thus far =) Thanks!

10-24-2011, 01:37 PM
Ok it seems I was able to do several quests today as long as I wasn't using Ogres. Sometimes I could add all 20 units with a mix of Marauders and Prowlers, it worked especially good on 12/12 maps, and most times on 20/20 maps, although on 20/20's sometimes it still crashed.

Now as far as crashing when going into the city, I found adding Ogres to my city (today anyways) will also usually crash the game, as in, when I move Ogres from my army that need healing to my city, and then click OK, I crash to desktop. I was able to recreate this 3x in a row adding 3 Ogres and my Hero, so maybe it's not a space constraint issue like I thought before =/..

Brian Shingles
10-24-2011, 01:59 PM
Thanks for the info and testing, Psych.

We'll see if we can recreate this and hopefully fix it too.