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10-18-2011, 06:39 PM
I wrote allot more than i thought that i would, so prepare for a wall of text.
My english is not the best, and i will mainly blame my dyslexia for it. But i'm 99% sure that all of you will get the point of what i'm trying to say :P
The post is not that organiced either, It's just me typing whatever came to my mind while typing.
So if you agree on some points, let me know, or if you hate something, let me know that aswell.
Have fun reading and make a forum account! i can see a 2 digit number of guest currently browsing the forum, so make your voice heard by registering!

I will share just some of my thoughts of what this game could need, so lets start with fixes to the current situation of the game.

We really need a cancel PvP search option, having to ALT+F4 50% of the times when looking for PvP is just an annoyance.
If the attacker search pvp from a camp, dont let their camp spawn on the map.

Make peasants take up less army "space" make them just a single unit, like the hero.
They should gather maybe a 5th of their current speed, but as they will take less army space, you can make it so 5 peasants is 1 army "space".
This would make it easier to manage gathering rates of different resources, aswell as lowering lag and possibly desync issues in PvP when someone attacks your worker camp, because as it is now, 90% of the people that have attacked my camps have desynced. And i've barely been able to organise my troops within my camp due to the 40 batalions of worker taking up so much space and having problems to move them out due to them not "ghosting" thru other units. Well lets move on.

And RTS should be about counters and micro, as it is now counters does not work, and micro mostly useless, i've won allot of fights with micro though, but the victory is mainly from me being from a more fortified position or just having more of the current "OP" units.
Solving some of the lagg can maybe be done with lowering the size of batalions, (but i'm not sure if this is something you want to do?) this would make microing easier and maybe more important. with this implementation you might be able to set the batalion limit higher with armies aswell? but the engine might not support this?
Lowering the overall unit dmg with 10-25% will make microing more important aswell, and this is something i would like to see aswell.

If unit micro will be something important in the future, add more of the level up stats to the units. Like, movement speed, attack speed, armour, elemental resistance.
And add diminishing returns on the stats! so for every point you add, it will be less usefull the next time, so that just stacking dmg on a unit will make it weaker than an all round unit, this will make people experiment with the stats allot more.

And as i spoke about "ghosting" above, this is something that should not be in the game, or maybe implement a "stand ground" stance that makes units unable "ghost" thru just that unit.

Add the normal "shift-key" thing that most RTS games have, so you select more units by holding down "shift" and left klick the unit.

Take away the limit of selected units, i'm not sure what the limit is but arround 15-20 something. As it's really hard to move bigger armies with the current limit.

Remove ALL healing abilitys, the healing ability removes the use of the "regen stat" on those units, and make them way to OP while the ability is active, and all you have to do is just pull back when the effect is about to wear off and wait for the "stamina" to regen.
Maybe you can add a dmg reduction ability for them instead?

Add a "healing" unit, or maybe even buffing units, that use their stamina to support or heal your troops. Give them a short range though, so they have to be kinda close to the battle.

Add 2 types of defence. Lets call it Hard and soft defence.
Hard defence will be a % vallue
Soft will be a specific number that the unit will remove from the attacking unit.
With this, you can add soft defence as a stat you can pick when leveling units up, so they can be even more of a tank.

With the above in mind, Nerf archers ALLOT more, and give them way more range, and an ability that lower a targets soft defence for every x number of seconds they are attacking that unit. And maybe even lower their hard defence every y number of seconds they are attacking aswell.

Show healthbars on units, the normal key for RTS games is ALT for this, and would be a nice feature for this game aswell.

Wealth, change the vallue of it, for example, make everything cost 10 times more, this will make it easier to balance the wealth gain from quests and pvp allot easier, as you will basically be able to give players "1.2" wealth for something.
This does not mean people will gain 10 times more wealth, as you currently gain it to fast and easy, a good number to me sounds like 3 times as much as the current gain is? maybe even lower? (if you will make dragons respawn, make them like 100 times more expensive. Just something i had to add :P)

Add more researches for units. Give some of the unit abilitys a level requirement, and make unit uppgrades be something you have to pay for on allready trained troops, and when training troops you can pay this extra fee to get them with the uppgrade.

Ugh, i think that was all. i might add more later.

Make it so towers are something that your units "enter", and limit the towers to 1 or 2 units, maybe even 3-4 for the bigger towers. And add some kind of defence bonus when units are in them. Possibly some soft defence if that is something that will get implemented, or give attacking archers a greater chance to miss a unit that is in a tower.

Konstantin Fomenko
10-18-2011, 07:40 PM
Thanks a lot for the feedback, some points are simply too much work for the gain, but some of these points I completely agree with. However - I don`t think most of things on your list will make it into the game for another month +. PvP search changes and additional balancing - somewhat long the lines of what you said - are in the works though - and should be here with-in a week.

10-19-2011, 04:05 PM
Yeah, I agree, esppecially about the part with the peasants taking up less pop space and the whole wealth thing. The towers part sounded good too, but I'm guessing that that's one of the things Kon meant when he said it probably wouldn't happen.

But hey, nice ideas! :D

10-19-2011, 04:07 PM
I support too specially the peasants part but I'd go with 10 peasants for 1 CP. why?because you need resources and peasants to extinguish fire and that's one unit less during a siege.