View Full Version : bug collection edition n.1 by karamot

10-17-2011, 01:26 AM
well just a little list of ork bug that persist

/i got an unstoppable pvp research, while fix said it was fixed
/i got human unit into my army without any motivation, i won a pvp and i found human units in my army, but without logic i found other human unit also in another army totally far from army who fought...., and no, i havent bought mercenary human.....
i did another pvpv and i got human farmers too omg....

i have quest bugged like
fortifica la fortezza, l-orco del re 4
/first mean i have to raise a fortress, but i did it in total way, catapult in every place and cover on walls, tower everyangle, but quest never end...
/second quest i ve cleader town 5 times, noone survived, but never win, what i have to do specific?

/goblins hut never remind my preselection, always produce infantry, not archer if i point it
/siege workshop never produce siege weapon, why?
/when i go out town, often when i come back my great hut is not more usable, i cant see option inside anymore
/warg hut dont remember i stopped production of them

thats all for now ty for attention