View Full Version : New PvE Castles

10-16-2011, 02:28 PM
Loving the new difficulty of the castles, much better then the old pushover PvE cities.

My issue stems from of all things: The wells in the castle. Due to the healing aura they were putting out, there were massive stacks of units that i literally could NOT kill. They were simply healing and re-supplying the dead troops faster then i could kill them.

I think the wells should be reduced by 75% when under siege, in both PvE castles and the PvP ones. The defender already has a 30 supply advantage plus all of the castle defenses, i think the well would just make a little bit to much of an advantage. If you fill the area around the well with archers/trebs, then they would be almost invulnerable unless you were able to kill the entire squad (including that one little guy thats stuck in between those two houses!) before the well healing starts ticking in.