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The General : A Dying breed - Part 2

The forest of Thikken Dal was silent and still as if the whole forest held its breath, The fires of the orc encampment flickered in the slight breeze as two orc warriors stood staring each other in the eyes. Surrounded by an army of spectating orcs, goblins and ogres they stood still. Then without warning it began to be heared the 'thud thud thud' as the every orc began to chant and slam their feet upon the ground in anticipation of the fight. The two orcs within the large space within the armies' forces stared still, The chanting getting louder and louder, The General and High Warlord Thagurz let the rage build before almost in unison they reached up and slowly drew their blades. Thagurz's terrifying bladed sword in hand the High Warlord gave out a loud snarl as The General drew his own blade a simple yet precious sword to him. That Chanting and foot stomping stopped without warning as the two warriors suddenly drew their blades high and charged at each other snarling and growling.

The blades clashed in a flurry of combat finesse, the General parried Thagurz's powerful blows and throwing his own attacks in when he could, The battle seemed to go on for hours when it had only been mere minutes. The General fought with all his might as Thagurz's relentless assault continued. The blades clashed and clashed sending a piercing screech of orc steel on orc steel through the forest. The General battled on but Thagurz as he suspected was a much deadlier orc then he even realized. The dreaded blade of Thagurz suddenly swung catching the general accross the chest as pain washed over him, The blade swung again knocking his own to the side as he felt a cut upon his cheek.

'Grrrrr! Is this the best you can do whelp?!' - Thagurz growled

The General knew that he would lose this fight however something in Thagurz's voice and the fact he can a few cuts of his own said that the general had won back a small portion of respect. He had drew Thagurz's blood and now he could die with honor. They fought on despite fatigue begining to settle on both warriors until the General finally made a fatal mistake he drew up his strength and launched an assault upon Thagurz leaving himself open to counter attack, Thagurz seemed surprised at the sudden assault and backed up. The Generals blade caught the Warlord on his shoulder and on his chest drawing blood until Thagurz finally saw his chance, He swiftly brought his foot under The Generals legs and tripped him as the dreaded blade began to descend upon the General..

The entire army held its breath. Until a distant sound ws heard, A horn. At first Thagurz thought it was another tribe deciding to join them but no, This was not an orc horn.

'High Warlord!! Humans!! Humans approach!' - High Warlords bodyguard

Thagurz growled fiercely as he looked back to The General laying upon the ground wounded and breathing heavily.

'You are a skilled warrior General, An you have won back some orf your honor in this fight. hear me my brothers! None shall say a word against this orc as long as i breath! he has showed great strength and this will redeem.' - Thagurz yelled

The High Warlord lifted his blade a slight hint of regret in his eyes as he plunged it down upon the general, The general's face wore an expression of pride. He had his glorious death and will now die for what he believed. Thagurz pulled his blade free and stared at the Generals now lifeless body. He did not understand the Generals intentions nor his actions the humans must be purged and there was no room for weakness, Yet this orc showed both great strength and something else that escaped the High Warlords understanding. There was one thing however Thagurz could do to honor this warriors strength. he knelt and picked up the Generals bloodied sword calling forth one of his warg riders.

'Take this back to Brackental.. Bury it deep near his former tribes city and then inform Gromgorgan only that his General has fallen.. Only tell him this and he will understand.' - Thagurz

Thagurz stood and watched the rider speed off into the distance the blade carefully wrapped and attached to the wargs side. He then looked out into the distant rolling plains spotted the large banner of Dagbor flowing in the breeze. Beneath a small force of humans were making their way closer.

'Take cover my warriors! Battle is upon us once more.. An these puny humans have brought only a tiny force HA! we will slaughter them! Prepare for battle!' - Thagurz yelled

Thagurz took one last look at the General then turned and walked away.

Sir Edward made his way towards the orc camp with his forces, they had heard vague reports of an orc gathering and this worried King Erian. Sir Edward had been tasked with driving them off or dispatching them. His forces should be more then enough for a group of orc rabble he was certain. He looked up at the banner of Dagbor, he was proud to be a knight of the realm and would see to it this mission was completed swiftly for his King. It had been a long and hard journey but they had made good time. The noble knight looked towards the edge of the orc forests, he could only see a few orcs with the odd campfire. yes this would be a swift mission indeed. he ordered his cavalry in line and began to approach the orcs. It was time to see what they were there for, or chase them off. The forests were thick with trees and a slight movement caught Sir Edwards eye, However he shrugged and ignored it. he encourged his horse forward as he rode toward the waiting orcs.

'Mythador is our home Gromgorgan.. Would you see her destroyed completely? We must be smart in our conquest of the humans, An i for one will make sure Thagurz understands.. One way or another. Know that it has been the greatest honor to have served under you Gromgorgan. Goodbye.. My friend' - The General's last messege to Gromgorgan

End of part 2