View Full Version : Formations and PvP

10-11-2011, 07:46 AM
Not sure if this has been covered before, or if it's even possible, but i think having more control over formations would be a good addition. Something in the form of, when you click a formation on a unit, a colored area forms under the mouse pointer, depicting the location and shape of the formation. Once clicked, the selected units fall into formation in the colored outline on the map. This would be great for pvp and allow for better strategy building. Once you have organized your entire army in a formation, it could be saved, so at the click of a button they could all fall back into line under your preset saved formations. If this is already possible, ignore this post lol because I am obviously missing something.

On another note, I have seen alot of complaints when people pvp, that the npc's get in the way or are used as an advantage to assist with killing the other player. It would be good if there were a modifier before battle, where the defending (or attacking) player could choose whether the battle ground contained npc's or not. This could allow 2 large armies to charge at each other across the map, without fear of pulling a group of npc's along with them.

Just my 2 pence worth