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Fragile Alliance

Warlord Gromgorgan made his way along line after line of his troops, Inspecting and nodding, His legion was ready to join the other clans on the borders of human lands. The war was upon them now almost within reach as soon as the tribes armies set foot upon human soil with their intent clear war would be declared officially. The time for talk was over at last as was the time of preperation. It was time to march.

This was the first and most important wave of the invasion. These troops would be the first into battle, Some of his finest warriors. It was going to be a long and bloody war as Gromgorgan knew all to well but that would make victory all the sweeter. He nodded as his general approached saluting swiftly.

'They are ready General, Ferocious and hungry! Hm hm, At last our assault begins. Soon General the name orc will be revered and engulfed in glory as it should be.' - Gromgorgan

The general simply nodded and looked out at the massive army before him, A proud accomplishment but the truth was most of these orcs would never return home or live for much longer. Such was the price of war and glory for his people and Gromgorgan knew this as did the general and most of his forces. Nothing was said however as it should be, they fight and die for the orc people it was as simple as that to the warlord.

'Warlord, There is another matter which you told me to inform you of. High warlord Thagurz has arrived, he awaits you within the great hall. Now i must march Warlord..' - General

Gromgorgan nodded and stepped up the front of his troops, Looking a few directly in the eyes and nodded again.

'My warriors! Today you begin your march. You are the spear which wil strike first into our enemies hearts! You are the heralds of death! Now March! March to the edge of Thikken Dal! Meet with our brother tribes for it is there we will begin our purge of the human filth! MARCH!' - Gromgorgan

The warriors roared into a cheer as they began to march forward. Impalers, Marauders, beserkers.. And the rest, This was a moment for Gromgorgan he only wished he was going with the first wave, Sadly he must hold back for now as the weight of leadership comes with its cost of freedom. Gromgorgan watched the general go along with the troops, Strangely Gromgorgan would miss the general as he was a good one and hard to come by but then it would be an insult to him to think that the weak puny humans would take down the general and his bodyguard, Even if most of the first wave may fall, He wished he was going with him.

Gromgorgan made his way to the great hut through the dusty streets of the city, His city. Another proud accomplishment however his real passion was battle not sitting on the throne all day. He only could hope that when his death came it would be in glorious battle. He reached the great hut and entered. High warlord Thagurz was a terrifying sight to any non orc, He was tall and strong and the large bladed sword on his back emited terror to any who challenged the high warlord. Gromgorgan turned to one of his bodyguard swiftly.

'Fetch meat, An plenty of it! The High warlord has had a long journey, Go.' - Gromgorgan

The high warlord turned to Gromgorgan and smiled his fierce smile nodding as they both approached and patted each others shoulders in greeting. They moved to some set out seats and sat by the roaring fire.

'Ahh Gromgorgan! You were right, a long ride indeed and meat would be most welcome, First however i have news you should know of. I have struck our clans a most interesting deal with a group known as the 'Dreaded', A few humans and elves who support nature or something i wasnt really paying much attention to their messenger. I was about to have him fed to the wargs until he said they plan to attack the free cities! HAH, Who would have thought elves would have the guts!' - Thagurz

Gromgorgan masked his surprise at Thagurz's decision, However Thagurz had proved to be a devious leader and a smart one at that. Gromgorgan decided to hear more before speaking.

'Anyway my friend.. This will work to our advantage.. If they have the forces this messenger boasted of it could cut our campaign down by at least half, We could destroy the free cities much quicker with them on our side, We are strong Gromgorgan.. but there comes a time when strategy must come into play, They will attack the Rolling Plains... we strike at the Wold and then we both converge upon Southmont where the main bulk of these 'free ctiies' forces are based.' - Thagurz

Gromgorgan paused for a moment in thought, indeed the high warlords words made sence to him, A co-operative attack on the humans would not only surprise them but would bring them to their knees much quicker.

'As always Thagurz my friend, The clans will follow you.. However.. What about when after the humans are crushed..?' - Gromgorgan

Thagurz simply smirked a wicked smirk.

'We shall see my friend, We shall see... Ahh.. meat has arrived!' - Thagurz

Mythador At War

The desert sand shifted under orc feet as Gromgorgan's first wave crossed the desert of Brakental. An immensely hard march that few but orc could traverse without a guide. At the front of the legion marched a proud orc warrior known only as 'The General' leading his forces through the maze of sand. Ogre and goblin came next, The goblins laughing and talking in their tongue of how much gold and land they would gain from the humans. The large ogres marched with them in silence bar the occasional grunt their large heavy clubs upon their backs following the long trail of orcs. At the back of the formation came the Pack-Wargs carrying the supplies needed and dragging siege equipment. The wargs growled and snarled eager for the battle ahead as much as the orcs it seemed...

Meanwhile far to the north to the masrhy lands of Erthee L'Bala...

Arkantos stood upon the mighty walls of his elven citidel staring down below watching his elven warband march through the gates into the world towards the human kingdoms. His face was emotionless as he watched, Who knows what would be going through his mind however one thing was certain.. The Dreaded were marching to war. There were no birds singing nor much sound at all apart from the unicorns grunts now and again. The discpilined elven army marched silently. They all knew their cause and they knew what had to be done, Arkantos was aware of this all to well as soon human steel would clash upon elven blades in all out war. The free cities would fall as Mythador cries out for every elf struck down, The forests would churn and writhe as battle engulfes their gentle nature. This was Arkantos' only regret.. However both the land and Mythador would recover in time.. a small comfort...

Meanwhile far to the west to the mountain regions...

Deep within the human land of Southmont where most of the free cities were based the town of Normandy bustled with activity. Most of them knew what was coming and preperations where well underway. Walls were being enforced, the gates tested and new gears being added, Soldiers filled the streets and walls as well as lookouts on every tower ever vigilant. Within the town hall the Lord of Normandy stood with the other lords and Marshal Althor going over battle plans and strategies. The bastion trebuchets were also being tested for range and accuracy along the walls as the peasants rushed around with their work. As the sky of Mythador rumbled with thunder in the distance as if the land itself prepared for the devestation to come...

'Mythador, Oh Mythador,
Why do you cry, Oh Mythador,
Mythador, Oh Mythador
Rivers may run red, Oh Mythador,
Mythador, Oh Mythador
Forests may burn, Oh Mythador,
Mythador, Oh Mythador
But know this, Oh Myth-'

-Remains of an old bard song during the war without kings, Author : Unknown

The End.

((I did not delve to far into Arkantos as a character, As Dreamwalker has him in his story and is doing a great job!, So sorry if my story with him is a bit 'vague' As for Redkam's free cities i need more information if i am to delve a bit more into those, This entry i had planned to be finished for when the siege patch went live but it got done a bit earlier then expected so i decided to just post. This is just a story really.. So it may not fit perfectly with in game events, but is inspired by in game events if that makes sense. I try to keep my write ups as close to the game as possible but sometimes thats not always possible. Anyway hope you guys enjoy))

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ill keep it short as to not break your story, But i love it :=) keep at it mate.

10-11-2011, 07:54 AM
Ah you can reply here mate i usually make a new thread when i get some more ideas, Hope you dont mind me using thagurz though, An thank you im really trying to write up events in game as best i can hopefully have some more once the war gets in full swing and we get some massive battles going. :)

10-11-2011, 11:04 AM
Hey adam :D gret story so far and yes normandy is preparing for orc and elven onslaught
we have massed archers and knights of the realm hoarding wheat and livestock, are walls are brisstled with trebushays and the ground palneted with spike traps
We are ready for a prolonged siege and if need be the Humans om my allience (now cahnged to a latin name mate i just forgot to tell u but mean we are the protectors of humanity) will ride forth and attack the orcs from all side while normandy defnders storm out of the keep to join the attack
Normandy wil not fall
Humans will not fall
the orcs will persish
Arkatos woods will burn
We shal be victorious

Btw Good story :D :D really liked it so far

10-11-2011, 05:10 PM
Nice story! Glad the orcs have you to glorify their massacres! :D

And you don't mind if I use Gromgorgan in my story, do you? I think it's time for the orc alliance to form...;)

10-11-2011, 05:16 PM
haha nice story. And not much of humans protectors if you want to burn my forests.

10-11-2011, 05:27 PM
Nice story! Glad the orcs have you to glorify their massacres! :D

And you don't mind if I use Gromgorgan in my story, do you? I think it's time for the orc alliance to form...;)

Of course you can mate, Hes all yours just bring him back in one piece eh? :D

My next few write ups will be focused on the first wave of Gromgorgan's forces and Thagurz so he wont be in the next batch.