View Full Version : Part 3 - Server Going Down.

10-09-2011, 04:59 PM
Well for the third time, I have lost my entire army to the "Server Going Down" bug. I had everything I owned, about a 400+ Strength army about to go do a quest, and the server went down again. This time, taking everything I had with it. Now I am so far behind, I have no idea what do to.

At this rate, when this bug gets fixed I won't have anything to defend my city with on Tuesday's update. I am seriously getting tired of this bug, it resets everything, and deletes all of my units. Here are my log files, just so you can confirm what is happening.

I am going to ask for some kind of compensation for this too, because that was everything I had, and if I don't get something back, then I am screwed. On top of it all, my Hero got reset to 1 again.....UGH